REVIEW: Internal 12v LED light for campervan/motorhome

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Mel asked me to add a review for our main light as she is quite a fan of it, and for surprising reasons!

We wanted a bright LED light for inside the van, and as our ceiling is shallow, this flush mounted slimline light appears perfect.  It is really slim (<10mm) and flush mounted, and just needs + and – wires connected.  In hindsight we’d have had 2x – one nearer the back – but a bit late now.

It has a single touch button on it, and this turns it on and off, and press-hold and it dims the LEDs from very bright (0.6A) to very low.  Really neat feature.  But also, tap it again and it has a blue night light.  This was a non-feature for us, but light2actually, in use it works really well and excites Mel!  When its dark its bright enough to see (just) , so you can have the door open and not attract insects, and also its the right ambient light to have on whilst, say, watching a movie on the laptop.  A feature we never wanted or expected to use, but actually use the most.  Even on full power it does not get hot, so for us at least, flush mounting on lining carpet is fine and safe.

So for those functions its 10/10 – works very well.

Downsides would be that its a sealed unit, so if an LED fails you can’t replace it.  Also, when switching the nightlight off you can accidentally put it to full brightness which blinds you!

there are lower power smaller versions available which may be suitable for a bathroom, but we’ve only tried the big one here.  We’d happily recommend and use again.

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