REVIEW: Rechargeable Camping Light

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We had a need for a multi purpose camping light, suitable for our awning, and as an external light for when just sitting outside, and for when we go cycle touring with our tent, so quite muti use needed. 

In addition, we wanted the light to be rechargeable and to charge off micro USB as our entire van (and tent kit) primarily uses USB to charge things.

So, we looked at lights and ebay and amazon are full of ones for low and high budget.  The first we bought didn’t work so used the Amazon excellent return-a-dud service.

The next one we bought is this one – the iGadgitz Xtra Lumin 180 Portable 180lm Rechargeable LED Lantern with 1 Year Warranty – and only £11 – bargain.  There are a few generic makes of these, some with slightly different spec, so check carefully.  Ours is the 180 luman 5 mode version which can be very bright or various levels of dim, night light, and flashing.  It also works when flat and connected to USB.

Its also very lightweight and tiny – maybe 3cm deep andlight cm circumference.  Also, its waterproof.

It fixes either by a hook in the back (that folds flat when not in use), which can hook/clip on most tent/awning bits, or its magnetic.  So I’m writing this, in the dark outside the van in the south of France, with the light magnetically stuck to the door giving us enough light to stay outside – me fiddling with laptop, Mel reading.  Its on full power and we’ll recharge overnight.

So, really rather good and well worth the money.  See amazon for the 5* reviews and more pictures.

So would we recommend this?  Yep – it is excellent for what it is, good value, surprisingly versatile, bright and small.  And pretty cheap!

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