2016 Plan vs Actual, and 2017 Plans

Well, that was an interesting year!  Our plans for 2016 were HERE and, well, how did we do….


  • Two months backpacking around Cambodia and Thailand, escorting my parents for part of it
    • YES!  Though partly a disaster, eh Dad?! 🙂  Though we did have a great time
  • Build a new, smaller campervan (this will be very time consuming!)
    • YES!  Completed and 45+ days away in it since completion
  • Campervan trip to France, via the Alps for mountain biking and down to the Med
    • YES!  1 month away in van
  • Winter trip TBD – Portugal?
    • No 🙁  Other priorities….
  • More short trips (no specific order) to Devon/Dorset/Cornwall/Lakes
    • Yes, quite a few short trips – not enough
  • Hopefully one cycle camping trip
    • No 🙁

So – overall not bad, and did get a good balance of work n play.

In 2015, we said that in 2017 we would


  • Cycle camping trip to the south of France (again) direct over the hills
  • Month around Scandinavia up to the Arctic Circle in the new van
  • More short trips (no specific order) to Devon/Dorset/Cornwall/Lakes

And yep, that’s the plan!  However, we need to add..

2017 additions

  • Replace the house water supply
  • Gut and rebuild the kitchen (major works), which is knocking down a small wall, re plumb loads, new electrics and lighting, new underfloor heating, and everything inbetween.  (Already used this as an excuse to get a load of new tools!)
  • See more live motorsport
  • And MAYBE, replace stair banisters and hall flooring.

So 2017 is set to be a very busy and expensive year 🙁

Last year we also set out future plans copy n pasted below, but so much to do and too little time to fit in!  And after a very expensive 2016, and going-to-be expensive 2017, need to see what funds will allow….


  • Early 2018 (Jan/Feb?) 4-8 weeks cycle touring around NZ

Still to do, but need to fit it in

  • Snowboarding
  • Mynamar
  • Cycle around Switzerland?
  • Eastern Europe
  • Return visit to Germany/Italy
  • Jersey
  • Croatia, Slovinia, Slovakia
  • Scotland
  • Iceland trip (either campervan or fly/drive)
  • etc!

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  1. Are you sure you want to cycle around N Z in January and February? It can be more than extremely hot!! Sometimes people only venture outside in the evening!

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