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Trip index HERE OK, Yes, there are some Amazon links on here – and if you click n buy we get a small amount of commission though you don’t pay more.  This is good 🙂  It means if 1,000,000 people click and buy stuff – we can afford to do […]

Stuff we’re taking

Trip index HERE Okay, here is a brain dump! Take less than you think you need Take less than us! If you are camping, get an ACSI card – it can be cheaper GPS’s Android phone with OSMAND offline maps Download Archies Camping GPS database and import as into OSMAND […]

Top tips for long cycle rides

Trip index HERE Annoyingly, the GPX map viewer I use here cannot cope with a multi-segment gpx file, so its split in 3.  Home to Poole (for ferry).  Cherboug to Narnonne via the beach.  South Mimms (where Bike-Express drops us off to home) The totals are:- Distance:  1422km = 883 […]

Cycle Route from home to south of France

After our fun trip a few years ago, we decided to cycle to the med for some summer sun.  Again. Last time, having never undertaken such a ride, we opted on a simple ride just (!) from St Malo to the med, but via canals and rivers.  So c. 1000 […]

Cycle from home to the south of France (900+ miles)….

Well, just come back from a few days in Dorset in the van, doing some cycling, and what a lovely time we had!  Stayed at Lytchett Manor campsite which is great, and booked a cheap grass pitch but got upgraded to a fully serviced pitch.  Pointless lol – the solar […]

NV200 External Thermal Silver Screens

Well, thought it was time for a quick post as if you look here it looks like we’ve vanished.  Far from it!  Q1 was a fun and hard few months, many days away in the van including down on the Isle of Wight, and another big DIY project….. After the […]

Q1 2017…. (kitchen DIY!)