Cycle from home to the south of France (900+ miles)….

After our fun trip a few years ago, we decided to cycle to the med for some summer sun.  Again.

Last time, having never undertaken such a ride, we opted on a simple ride just (!) from St Malo to the med, but via canals and rivers.  So c. 1000 miles and very flat.  This time, we’re opting to cycle from home to Poole, ferry to Cherbourg, down to the med and pickup at Narbone.  Then drop off at South Mimms, and cycle home.  But a more direct and hilly route, so a lot more challenging.

We thought it would be a lot shorter, but even excluding diversions to campsite it looks like it’ll be 900+ miles!  Shit. Got that a bit wrong….

But per out motto – how hard can it be!

Index:-  (in progress!)

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