Top tips for long cycle rides

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Okay, here is a brain dump!

  • Take less than you think you need
  • Take less than us!
  • If you are camping, get an ACSI card – it can be cheaper
  • GPS’s
    • Android phone with OSMAND offline maps
    • Download Archies Camping GPS database and import as into OSMAND
    • Stick your GPX route into OSMAND
    • Hey presto – your route shown with all campsites near by with opening time!
    • If feeling flush
      • Buy Archies Camping map – has more info about the sites (not much) but is off line and doesn’t need OSMAND.  Costs £3.
    • Get a Garmin Edge Touring GPS thing and upload your GPX
  • Take a branded battery power bank for when you need to charge GPS/Phone in emergency.
  • Take 16A to UK 13A socket for campsites.  Take UK socket to Euro socket converter.
  • We use a 4-way USB charger, as everything we take charges off USB
  • Pack light!
  • Take essential spares for bikes – puncture repair; chain link; chain link tool; derailleur hanger; pump
  •  Use Kevlar lined slick ish tyres
  • Take washing tablets – laundry is easy
  • PDF all documents and know where they are online
  • Don’t take too much food – you can buy stuff when away!  Albeit more expensive, but better than carrying weight.

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