Site update, and news :)

Hi all

Thought the old site was a right pain to navigate, so I’ve revamped it when watching the snooker to a better standard, and separated it out into clearer sections.  Our plans in life have evolved as has the content of this site, from just being a campervan travel blog, to containing much more useful info that people all over the internet use.  (The amount of people I get thanking me for Transit water pump changes is incredible 🙂  So makes it all worth while)

We’ve not blogged too many trips, and I even saw another (better) travel blog mention us saying they thought we’d given up travelling!  Noooooooo!   It may seem like that, but there are so many good travel bogs out there now compared to 2008 when we started this that its not worth blogging too much as others do it better.  So we only put on big trips.

Our life is busy and we are mixing campervan trips, with backpacking trips with long cycle camping trips, and lots in between!  We’re also doing lots of DIY on our house, and fitting work in when we get time.  We still have many years of adventure plans left!!

Hope this new site works – the header graphics will improve going forward, but not worth retro-fixing.  All links should work, but who knows!  Fingers crossed.

Hope you find something interesting here – and watch this space for updates on DIY projects and the next big campervan trip…


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