Plans vs Reality

Wow.  Back in late 2016 we posted about our plans for the next year (or two) – see HERE

So how did we do


  • Cycle camping trip to the south of France (again) direct over the hills
    • DONE!  Excellent trip (see HERE )
  • Month around Scandinavia up to the Arctic Circle in the new van
    • DONE!  (Though was in 2018, due to other things going on)  See HERE
  • More short trips (no specific order) to Devon/Dorset/Cornwall/Lakes
    • SOME DONE!  Not as much as we wanted, but did other things instead, like take the van to the Czech Republic  ( see HERE ) and we have some small trips for 2018 to do.

2017 additions

  • Replace the house water supply
    • DONE!   (Done, part of kitchen below)
  • Gut and rebuild the kitchen (major works), which is knocking down a small wall, re plumb loads, new electrics and lighting, new underfloor heating, and everything inbetween.  (Already used this as an excuse to get a load of new tools!)
    • DONE!  And well happy with it (See HERE )
  • See more live motorsport
    • DONE!  And ongoing
  • And MAYBE, replace stair banisters and hall flooring.
    • DONE!  (See HERE )


  • Early 2018 (Jan/Feb?) 4-8 weeks cycle touring around NZ
    • NOT DONE


So overall, our plans posted in 2015/16 seem to have been pretty much met.  Some of the 2017 plans spilt into 2018, and with only NZ being omitted I don’t think that’s too bad.  We did quite a few other things, home and away, that weren’t planned – but overall, I’d say targets met!

Now its that time again to plan 2019 and 2020….  Ideas are in a hat, so watch this space….. 🙂

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