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For various reasons, the van #2 build project has been brought forward to 2020 – and this time it will be bigger and better.  It’ll be a good couple of years of research, stealing inspiration, finding products and suppliers.  Its all listed here which may be a good starting point for someone else!

Various parts in detail

How To / Tips for Various bits

Here we’ll cover specific tips and guides for common tasks that may be useful

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9 thoughts on “Van #2 Build Index”

  1. Love the layout and design – particularly like the Sketchup vehicle base – where did you get this from?
    Is it possible to get the base sketchup project to start our design? 🙂

  2. Hi
    I’ve watched your boxer/ducato conversion and was wondering if you know if its possible to convert door hinges to 270 degree on a 2017 model. Seems straight forward as versions with wrap round doors have been made, but not one single video/experience of converting the doors can be found, suggesting theres an issue because I know a few owners who would like to consider converting.

    1. I have to say, I don’t know. But I know there are differences on the hinge mountings, so rear windows can differ if the hinge is a full 270′ hinge. So there would be a quite a few changes for it to be the same as OEM, hinge, door, stays, support etc. Can a DIY solution work? Don’t know. Sorry, best I can offer…

      1. Yeah the window thing was all i could find, wasnt much help as ddnt give much info. ive a feeling the rare 270 versions were only made outside uk so maybe better asking on euro forums. nothing worse than doors either 90 or 180 degrees flapping about in the wind getting dents off forklifts. (mines a work van with overnight functionality, electrics and heating)

        Thank you very much for the reply, and nice work on the van, some ingenious ideas there. (I keep my security measures quiet too 😉 )

  3. Hi Ryan, stunning build and very unique idea. Might copy the brain of the layout, just can’t get over the fact how smart it is. Everybody is saying you must have the bed in the rear for the beautiful view, but it seems like there is more to living and loving in your van than just a view. Especially for skis/bikes/dirty boots or tools that could use a garage.
    I have one question tho. I’d like to install a tilting window behind the cooktop and am afraid I can’t have it open at the same time as the sliding door. Or someone will bump the sliding door into the opened kitchen window. Do you have any reasons against swapping the sides for kitchen and bathroom areas? Since they barely reach the sliding door, it should work just fine. I also don’t think plumbing would be a problem.
    Thank you so much for documenting everything and kind regards, Simon

    1. Thanks for kind comments
      You could do a sliding window above the kitchen units rather than a tilt?
      The lounge area is rectangular so the rest could be swapped – so kitchen on the offside and wardrobe/shower on the near side. The wardrobe would come out as far as the worktop (without the flip up shelf). Though the flip up shelf would be over the sofa. Deffo doable – and I can’t forsee any insurmountable issues. Hot & cold; 240v and 12v is present in both kitchen and bathroom so same plumbing. Garage also needs to be reversed but again not insurmountable. Fixed beds are great but take up room. IMO our layout gives better garage and better living area, but obviously not fixed bed. You need to balance your desires – you can’t do everything! We use the view through the sliding door – its a great view! (Mostly)

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