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In designing Van #2, we’ve got a couple of years to get it right before we even start.  So, like everyone else, we’re stealing as many ideas as we can from places to see what we like.

We’ve designed a layout we think will work, not set in stone, but looking around to see what ideas we can borrow.

This will be continually updated


We are planning a front L lounge, mid bathroom/kitchen and rear garages.  And planning to have a false insulated bulkhead and, rarely, NOT use the cab as part of the conversions.

Hunter Sports Home posted a picture of their van, with some similarities in the front lounge.  We’d be aiming for brighter & lighter, with narrower wardrobe rather than the full depth bathroom wall here.

Cupboard Design

The cupboard designs are still fluid, but we like the light units looking “neat and flush”, and we like the two-tone light cupboards and dark edge.  The curved bottom is also DIYable with available profiles.  We love the recessed LED strips (and spots) in the bottom of the cupboard.  These are from a Westfalia Columbus 540D


The bathroom in Van #2 will need to be fully waterproof to dry snowboarding gear and wet suits, heated, with an efficient thermostatic shower.

As you’d expect, the shower tray is non standard, and the closest I can find is imaged here – but its the wrong size and on the wrong side of van.  So we need similar to this, but on the opposite side.  Its good to prove the size can work though.  Our only option is to make our own.

We stumbled on which is a series of videos on how to make a fibreglass roof.  And reckon the process is identical – make a solid OSB3 base, angled how you want, and “make it a roof with a drain” – and hey presto, a shower tray.  So thats the idea – but will finish in “tissue” and white, so should be smooth.

For the walls, we’ve found waterproof wallboards from which we should be able to use (or similar) to get a very smart finish and fully waterproof (overlapping bathroom tray)

Finally, the bathroom tray will be raised to allow piping to run below it (not fixed for “easy” replacement if needed, insulated, and with some underfloor heating….


Lighting is fairly trivial, but can make a huge impact and difference in professional appearance. Done well, it can look great, done badly and it can ruin a finish. Fine line between classy and chavy!

We plan to have plenty of lights

  • Recessed LED lighting strips under top cupboards in kitchen and lounge
  • Recessed spotlights in ceiling
  • Reading lights in lounge
  • Multicolor mood lighting installed in “dual height ceiling” arrangement

Other things we like

We’ve seen the Sequoia Table Leg System with Aluminium Base – which is a high quality table leg system which interestingly sites ON the floor, and does not need a hole in the floor like some other solutions.  In our first van, the table leg post was freezing in the winter, so this solution looks great

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  1. Like the ideas a lot, looking to do similar myself sometime soon.

    On an iPad the pictures are over the text, got the general idea though!


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