Sri Lanka Backpacking – What to take

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Out trusted Berghaus 35+7 rucksacks have been retrieved from the loft, and still being small, they are fine 🙂 Also taking a 20L day-sack (frame removed) that will fit in my rucksack, but removable, so “valuables” will always be with us rather than slung in a hold etc. Some products linked to show what we are on about . (As usual Amazon links pay around 3% commission for any purchases made (no extra cost to you) and treats us to a beer or two. Thanks)

Remember, you don’t need to take too much – travel light!


  • 2 pairs long trousers (or zip off)
  • Wet weather coat
  • Walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • 1x fleece
  • 2x long sleeve t-shirts
  • 4x t-shirts
  • Shorts / 3/4
  • 8 days of socks & undies
  • Sarong
  • Sun Cap
  • Swimming outfit
  • Umbrellas (used for mainly sun protection)


  • Womens stuff (not all is available locally)
  • Nurafen, Paracetemol, Doxycycline (as we have some laying around!)
  • 100% deet
  • Incognito Mozzie Repellant
  • Washbag with usual essentials


  • She-wee
  • Couple of loo-rolls in waterproof bags
  • Bags of tissues
  • Bag clips (to close holes in mozzie nets!)
  • One micro-fibre towel


  • 11.6″ Laptop (encrypted/secured!) and PSU
  • (USB memory key with some box-sets and movies)
  • 4-port mains USB charger & charger cables
  • USB Oral B charger
  • 2x mobiles
    • (Three data SIMS, roam-like-home in Sri Lanka)
    • Off-line maps (OSMAnd) of SriLanka
    • Cached google maps of Sri Lanka
    • GPS trackers enabled
    • Photos set to auto-backup.
  • Indian/UK power converter (needed in 50% of places)
  • 10,000mAh power pack
  • Torch
  • Small Smoke alarm (guesthouses don’t tend to have them)
  • 2x Kindles loaded with good reads.

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