Backpacking Sri Lanka for 30 days

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After a few van trips, decided it was time for a backpacking trip again.  Rather than our current favourite of SE Asia, we’ve decided to had to the Indian sub continent and Sri Lanka….

We know a few people that have gone to Sri Lanka on holiday, and most of these have been semi-organised trips with dedicated car and driver.  Nothing wrong with this, but its not our way.  However, the fact this seems to be the defacto norm for Sri Lanka means that its going to be a challenge!

In Thailand, backpacking is fairly trivial.  If you are in place A and want to go to B – then there is always a way to get there – either bus, train, or tourist minivan.  Sri Lanka isn’t quite like that – there are busses and trains (of sorts) and tuk tuks, but the rest appears to be needing drivers.  The public transport infrastructure isn’t great, doesn’t have huge capacity and online timetables, nor does it go fast or appear easy from afar…..

…. But in our usual, Mantra, “how hard can it be……” 🙂

We’re backpacking and aiming to do it on a backpacker ish budget, but we’re fortunate enough to be able to buy or way out if needed – but hopefully won’t be the case.

Research shows India & Sri Lanka can see tourists as cash cows, with official dual-pricing for tourist attractions and national parks – so much so its pence for local, and £30 for a foreigner.  SE Asia doesn’t have such major discrepancy.  Tips are “encouraged” and locals may try for tips greater than living wages (which screws the economy – why get a decent career when you can rip off tourists.  And every friendly conversation ends in begging or asking for money, 

This may become a little wearing  if true, but as usual, the real world can differ from the Internet!  🙂 

So we’ll try and say it how it is, and if we make it from A to B we’ll explain how etc and give a genuine overview of a backpacker route around Sri Lanka….

We’re planning a slow backpacking loop, and exploring local towns and the like.  We’re not cramming in 3 sites in a day (which is possible) – we’ll be taking the slow road…..!

Wish us luck…. 🙂

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