SW France 2019

Over the last few weeks, we’ve met various friends who have said “Haven’t you used the van this year – your blog is quiet!”.  Hmmm.  Actually yes, we’ve had >50 nights away this year already – we’ve just not blogged/bored everyone about it!  But as everyone thinks we’re doing nothing, thought I’d add a quick post.

All pics from this trip HERE

We originally omitted this trip as, to us, it was a bit dull – simply a relaxing 3-4 week bumble down the west coast of France, across the Pyrenees to the med, and back up again.  Lots of beautiful wild camping, aires, a few nice sites, lots of biking, running and walking.  It was rather hot at the time so lots of factor 50.

Seems to be a small country/world too – a few “random” places we found to have lunch or overnight were places we’d stumbled on before or indeed cycled through on one of our “cycle to the med” trips!  I guess there are only so many “quiet” routes in France!  (We stuck to mainly D roads and below)

So very chilled (what we needed/wanted) but not exciting enough to blog about – stuck here just to prove we aren’t now stuck at home 🙂

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