Mini Trip – South Downs

Well, as people still go on at us thinking we’re never going away (!) – we never normally mention mini UK trips which the NV200 is perfect for.  To quieten the naysayers – here is a “typical” mini trip for us!

The NV, as ever, was perfect.  Small enough; big enough; discreet enough; and warm enough!  (Though needed heating on in the evening!)

After staying with friends for the night, (and having a fridge of cold beer was useful), we ventured south towards Hastings to explore and headed West.

We arrived at Beachy Head where we’ve never been, and were quite impressed with the landscape and the clifftop walks (no pushing!).  The pub there has free parking for walking, and they even allow overnight parking if you drink/eat with them.  So a good meal and beautiful sunset, and left with a couple of other vans overnight in a lovely quiet place

After a morning walk we headed around the coastline to Seaford for a prom walk and lunch, and then headed up to the downs, parking in Bo Peep car park.  Quite busy with walkers on arrival as the weather was beautiful, so we went for a lovely walk to Alfriston for some beer,and when we got back the parking area was quiet.  No restrictions so we parked there overnight enjoying the views woken only by birds and sheep.

So simply, a few nights away, tucked away in quiet places enjoying our surroundings, with >.20 miles walked we earned the beer 🙂  That’s what the NV camper is all about!

The only problem is totally knackered when we get home we are knackered and in need of another break!

2 thoughts on “Mini Trip – South Downs”

  1. Hi do you still have the Nissan nv200 campervan? I am thinking of getting one converted. (The electric version) we are keen to see one in the flesh slate looking for a friendly person who would let us see theirs. Some for sale and 150 or 200 miles away from us. We live in bedfordshire. I am a nurse in nhs and can retire early at 55 this year so hubby and I want to do travel around the uk. Any help or advice welcome. Kind regards Anne

    1. Hi. We do but are in Wilts. If you are on Facebook there is an NV200 forum there and people all around, and a few with electric. The elec is a good idea, but depends on your usage – for us it’d not work (trips of many 1000s of miles). Campsites don’t have enough power to charge EVs. So plan carefully…. Ours may be for sale in a month or so if our new van comes as expected…

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