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As we’ve mentioned, we’re planning a bigger campervan build in 2020, and pretty much committed to this, though the details are sketchy as to when and what chassis, we know what we want and a rough design.  To be honest, there are lots of bits that fit any build and these tend not to break – so can be bought early…   Keeping an eye on Sales and deals and buying early, you can save a fortune!  And of course, time to research alternatives is critical….

Once we finish we’ll publish parts spreadsheet but its too much in draft at the moment.

With Brexit and inflation/deflation prices will only go up – so buying bits  now if there is a deal, seems mad not to..

Our parts/build budget (excluding van) is around £12k – which is a lot, but that includes everything and its going to be a high spec top finish van.  (lol – we’ll see!  We can all dream)

But some bargains so far:-

  • Truma Ultrastore 10GE:  Best price £410-420 – we paid £325 (ebay 20% + cashback)
  • Fiamma 70L water tank:  Best price £65 – we paid £52
  • GAS-IT 6k refillable gas system:  We paid £160 including pigtails
  • 6kg metal gas locker:  Usually £160 – We paid £100 (ebay 20% off + one-off price)
  • 50x genuine Wago 221-413 connectors – £12-15 usually, paid £8
  • SMEV 9722 + mixer tap (pushfit), best price £245 – we paid £220.
  • Dometic Midi skylight with venting, usually £360 – we paid £300… (ebay deal + cashback)


We’ve also adjusted some designs after visiting showrooms and saved on changing to different parts/models.  Some things we won’t change – e.g. branded only water pipes and connectors (life is too short for Chinese clones for water fittings!)

So our loft is full, our delivery drivers know us by name, and the spending has begun…..

If you can start buying bits early – and spend lots of time researching parts and suppliers, and keeping an eye on bargains, sales, cashback deals and codes, then you can save a fortune.

Out TopCashBack account….  If you don’t use TopCashBack – see HERE – free to sign up and nothing to lose!

Finally, don’t under estimate the amount of parts and little things you need!  They all add up…

(NOTE:  We will be buying new van (probably) and all new parts, and expect van to last 10+ years with us and >1000 nights away in the extreme – so we need good spec and want the toys.  You can, of course, do cheaper and different and if you have better skills than me you can do it with skill rather than buying your way out of trouble 🙂 )

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