VAN#2 – “Final” spec and design

For Van2 build index click HERE and for Van2 YouTube Chanel click HERE and all pics from build HERE

Well yes, we’ve been busy – and probably a year in the brain has now “finalised” a design spec for our next campervan which we intend to start building in September 2020. I say final, as we’ve bought 3/4 of the non-wood innards already grabbing what bargains we can and spreading the cost…. And some items, like step, towbar electrics, roof mounts are quite specific….! Oh ohhh.

A walkthrough of the CAD model has been published to YouTube HERE

The spec of the van will be:-


  • Gas-It 6kg refillable system, through body
  • Metal gas locker, 30mb regulator, manifold


  • 240v 16A inlet
  • 10A/6A DP MCB 30mA RCD consumer unit
  • Fused spur for Truma Ultrastore 10GE water heater
  • Fused spur for 1kw/2kw electric heater
  • 3-4 240v sockets
  • 20A Numax charger


  • 2x 100AH leisure batteries
  • Custom control panel and wiring
  • 3-way charging
    • Numax 20A 240v Charger
    • 20A Epever MPPT solar controller (+ MT50 display)
    • 30A Votronic B2B charger (with 1A backcharge)
  • 2x 150W solar panels
  • 300A isolator switches for solar, B2B, and batteries
  • Split fused circuits for lights/aux


  • 70L internal fresh tank (with CBE level indicator)
  • 20psi 8llm diaphragm pump
  • Accumulator
  • Filter
  • Compressed air inlet (to clear pipes of water over winter)
  • ?? external water tank (TBD)
  • Electric dump valve
  • Truma Ultrastore 10GE gas/electric hot water
  • Hot & cold water in kitchen
  • Hot & cold water in bathroom & shower


  • Fully wet-room
  • Custom fibreglass shower tray (touch wood!)
  • Vinyl or PVC walls, TBD
  • Small sink, mirror, shelves
  • Hot/cold shower
  • Thetford C223S cassette loo
  • Dri-roll waterproof toilet roll holder


  • Vitifrigo c60i compressor fridge
  • Smev 9722 hob and sink (hot and cold)


  • Thule 400 electric step and auto-close relay
  • Towbar with dedicated 7-pin electrics
  • Custom aluminium 3030 roof rack
    • Mounting solar panels
    • Mounting awning rail
  • Bluetooth amp and audio
  • ?? maybe 60″ movie projector and screen


  • Room for 2x mountain bikes
  • 240v output (for ebike charger if needed one day!)
  • Truma external shower connection
  • Waterproof / sealed lining


  • 240v – 1kw/2kw/cold plinth heater
  • Diesel –
    • 5kw diesel heater with outlets in garage, bathroom and kitchen
    • 10L dedicated fuel tank for heating fuel (Kerosene, not diesel unless desperate!)
    • Upgraded controller; pipes; filter
    • Spares pack: glow pin; gaskets; pump; controller


  • Internal individual switched cupboard lights
  • 2 main area lights
  • 1 main light in bathroom
  • LED step light
  • White LED lights under cupboards
  • Multi-colour (RGBW) LED ceiling lighting board

Furniture / Finish

  • Lightweight ply for furniture
  • Metal click-lock handles
  • Soft close hinges
  • Edged with PVC/ABS edging
  • Ceiling scrim foam backed faux leather vinyl
  • Garage lined in zinc effect vinyl
  • Flooring TBD
  • Upholstery TBD

2 thoughts on “VAN#2 – “Final” spec and design”

    1. Hey! thanks for comment. I’ve recommended your bed and the like to lots of people – its still a masterpiece and faultless. Built Van 1 around it!! Hope some of the people I’ve name dropped have been your customers.

      Van#2 very much green light – just finalising the spec of van potentially to order this week…. Little NV will be 4 in a few weeks (!) well used but going strong! Bed in Van#2 won’t be rock n roll or belted, so will be a simple wooden affair… Else you’d have had a visit!

      Best wishes
      Ryan & Mel

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