Fitting tow bar to Ducato

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Blimey – this should’ve been a mornings job, but it took all day, hopefully our experiences will help!

As van is new, we didn’t want to make any changes that may affect warranty, so we bought a Brink tow bar and 7-pin dedicated wiring kit from PF Jones. Top tip: they also sell on ebay, and sometimes price the same parts with Boxer or Relay or Ducato differently – so our wiring kit was for a boxer…. But same part number just £20 cheaper. Also PF Jones can appear in the dodgy ebay 20% off codes, so we got all this about a year ago discounted.

Fitting was mostly ok, things came apart and the kits fitted well – but some pain show stoppers:-

1 – the reverse sensor controller, says “cut pin 6 wire” – but not easy to know. Its the green and black one! (On the 8-pin connector, pin 1 may be marked, and pin 5 is next to pin 1 and pin 6 next to pin 2 etc.

2 – After fitting bar, our bumper didn’t fit and the cut marks provided were wrong. Maybe a newer bumper. We had to remove all cable clips and work out the cuts without cocking it up too much. Right PITA to be honest, but multi-tool helped. All cuts at bottom of bumper and cant be seen, but took ages as we thought we were going wrong

3 – There are 2 wires that need to go to a +12v permanent live feed, and trying to follow the instructions, was to get them to an under bonnet fuse board. But on our van, this is a nightmare to access, had to take out the headlight, and then found there was no way to get the cable in! Spent hours looking for a way I didn’t want to drill in there or drill into the battery box. In the end, we routed the cable to the OS B pillar where we have the converters socket, and connected it to the +12v feed there (fused) and connected it to our Battery-2-battery isolating switch, a bit earlier than planned, but doing this right ,getting the crimps, heat shrink, clips etc took a while Fortunately we had it in the loft ready. TOP TIP: Visit and follow his advice – as this meant I knew what I needed to do, and we had the terminal ready (via Italy). Phew.

Finally, we fitted a towbar step which will aid us getting bikes into the garage. This was simple enough, but needed to order some longer bolts to allow the nuts to be fully sealed.

Probably a 3hr easy job that took a day and was stressful! Welcome to the world of DIY!!

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