Seating and Sleeping layouts

For Van2 build index click HERE and for Van2 YouTube Chanel click HERE and all pics from build HERE

Our design was always not to use the cab seats, which many told us was wrong.  But not using them allows us to have an uncompromised L shaped sofa, convertible to U sofa, and convertible to bed.  Everyone is different, this works for us, and its probably the most snug comfortable seat we’ve had in a van!  Not for everyone, sure.

The layout is probably unique as is the frame method for making the bed (well I’ve not seen it done and spend 100s brain hours and sleepless nights working it out!)

All designed by us, but cushions outsourced to Regal Furnishings to make as this quality is beyond us.  10/10 for them – can’t fault

Hope it gives ideas 🙂

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