Week 14 update of Self build Campervan

For Van2 build index click HERE and for Van2 YouTube Chanel click HERE and all pics from build HERE

Alde Bubble Leak Detector:  https://amzn.to/31g6Qb7

Insulation cutting jigsaw blades:  https://amzn.to/31fKKW6

14 weeks into the build, so an update for the last 3 weeks…

– Re-did the kitchen worktop, concrete look formica top.  Had to edge in t-trim knock on edging as the PVC trim we wanted to use just didn’t go 🙁  Sadly had I known that I’d have made the worktop with an internal radius, not a 90′ 🙁

– Built stud wall for bathroom/garage, and finished garage side with vinyl so can be waterproof/mudproof for when the bikes get in

– Installed gas locker, temporarily using a spare calor bottle, but will be 6kg refillable LPG when I get round to it.  30mb regulator, Alde bubble gas leak detector, and manifold to hob and hot water boiler.  All working, no leaks 🙂  (Need to add one more drop vent and earth bond the pipes)

– Installed Smev 9722 hob and sink, working hot n cold water and waste

– Installed caktanks 224w 60L waste tank (with gauge & insulated)

– Installed Vitifrigo 60L 12v compressor fridge (and mini freezer compartment, not the usual cool box).

– Installed ducting and outlets for 5kw diesel heater, and installed 1 or 2kw 240v heater – aka kitchen plinth heater – but using a separate remote control thermostat to control it.

– Built kitchen units with soft close hinges & internal lighting

– Insulated/boxed NS wheelarch

– Made shower tray, not installed yet

– Finished upholstery/bed/seating setup and parts – in house for safe keeping.

– Removed and modified sliding door rail to prevent future rust

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