First Campsite Outing

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April 12th meant that, being self contained, we were able to go out in the van to a campsite for the first time. So first test for cooking and shower and some other bits.

So how was it….

2 thoughts on “First Campsite Outing”

  1. Hi Ryan
    The video you made about fitting the towbar to your ducato 2020
    It says: bypass relay required? yes, sold separately. Did you buy this relay as well?

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi
      I bought the DEDICATED wiring kit from PF Jones – this is plug n play e.g. remove plug to light cluster, and plug “box” between the wire and the cluster. This makes no change to the van wiring so is safe and “invisible” to the van. Does need 12v feed which was the hardest thing to get lol – see my video. You can use bypass relays but they are the cheap n cheerful way, more work, and more prone to damaging van wiring, and could cause warrantee type issues
      good luck

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