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Well lets hope 2021 is better than 2020 for all the obvious reasons! But for equally obvious reasons, 2021 won’t be a great year for travel and adventures so we’ll be focusing on testing and perfecting the van and, the main priority, trying to get Mel fixed….

Yes, the poor girl is still broken and unfixed since late 2019 when her foot issue started. This is still stopping her driving more than a few miles; can only walk short distances (and can pay for it later); can’t cycle at all; and can only just about do a days work now. Is has gone up n down but is a fraction of what she was able to do prior, though the “issue” is invisible and not always seen its still there. There has been a comment that its “an excuse and just a sore foot” – which, well, said more about the person saying it that Mel who was housebound for most of 2020 even aside from Covid so it has been a debilitating and tough time for her in many ways, largely unseen.

Anyhow, we apologise for taking more than our share of NHS resources, and have thrown money at the issue for private MRI & other consultations, but are now in the hands of a tenacious specialist who is doing all he can – so many xrays; many ultrasounds; much physio; many gallons of blood taken; many nerve tests; and equally many dead ends – we live in hope! This is one problem we can’t buy a solution for 🙁 (We are paying back by volunteering for many shifts at the local vaccine centre, Mel given roles she can sit down a lot).

So no major trips, just lots of short breaks, and we’ll just post all 2021 pics to a general album you can see here. And we’ll post the odd pic here.

But before the bitter and twisted ones say “hey – Mel is on her bike enjoying a bike ride”, please note the bike is an ebike she can ride without moving her foot thank you very much. And also walks would be shorter and aided by a scooter. And the van may be away but Mel isn’t able to drive it >10 miles. But yes, smiley faces as life goes on and must be enjoyed!

So 2021 will see us doing things we haven’t done before, like Rallies/meets for Motorhomer and SBMCC forums, and other meets with other groups, and short breaks keeping away from everyone still! Lots of sitting around camping this year I feel which we’re not used to, but as long as we have 4G and some beer, I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Happy travels to all, and top tip: Do what you can, when you can – you never know whats around the corner! We’re lucky we’ve done so much travel and activities over last 10+ years, we’re glad we didn’t put it all off.

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