DIY 12v Skylight Fan

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Having not gone the maxx-air route for a couple of reasons, and the van being hot, I’ve made my own vent fan. This is to either blow hot air out of the van, or blow cool air into the van (over the bed) if needed. On high-ish power, it blows hard enough you can feel incoming draughts from the other skylights which is what you want.

I do have a fiamma turbo fan but, well, a bit weak.10″ fan designed for car/bike radiators with a variable speed controller, knocked up with some leftovers. (the hole is for a switch to enable thermostat control – coming from ebay).

Around £35 in parts from Amazon. Simple. And has kept van temp the same as ambient temp with doors closed.The unit is reversible to suck/blow as we like it (lol). Airflow is mega – you can feel incoming draughts from other skylights! c. 1750 CFM I think. Takes 3A on max, and 0.5 on gentle. It just sits on the blinds. Bit noisy on max, but OK on lower speeds


  • 300×300 white vent @ £6.50
  • 10″ 12v fan @ £15.60
  • Cig lighter power switch @ £6.50 (3m cable length available too)
  • 10A speed controller @ £8.70 for 2x
  • Then it needs a basic wood square 370×340 with a 10″ hole in it – then just screws/wires together. I will be adding a W1209 thermostatic switch (£4 ebay) and a SPDT switch (£2) to have “on” or “auto” above set temp

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