Wasn’t 2021 another crap year. Not as bad as 2020, but for us at least, 2021 wasn’t brilliant. OK, we had 75 nights away in the campervan and did lots of things and we survived Covid free, but the year lacked the usual socialising and excitement of previous years and we still have the restrictions of Mels ongoing foot issues.

That said, if thats the hand we’re dealt – its a better hand than many many others and if we had to pick a hand from many of of friends and contacts, we’re better off with the hand we’ve got! (Wishing many friends & families well….)

So we’re just going to have to make the most of it and adapt on the assumption Mel is going to be a pain in the backside (sorry foot) forever more and just do different things.

So for 2022….

  • Be more positive, and JFD a lot more!
  • Lots of simple easy weekends and group gatherings
  • Lots of little events/shows we never normally do
  • A few festivals and the like
  • A 2 month trip somewhere in the van (no point planning until the day before!)
  • Something “different” over winter 2022-23 (we have ideas we’re not sharing at this point!)

But in summary, just be excited by what we can do…….

(although already pushed boundaries a bit far on too long a (ebike) bike ride for Mel who suffered for a while after. Hey ho)

2022 pics will appear HERE as they are added to the album – and any exciting things may get their on blog post! But worry not, we’re here and active and just need a firework up our backside to get going again! 🙂

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