Next Backpacking (ish) trip – Indian Rickshaw Challenge!

Yes yes, we know we have a campervan to use, but we also like backpacking! The last few years have stopped that for obvious reasons – we were supposed to be in Taiwan in February/March 2020….

Also life gets in the way and one of our motos is to “to things when you can” – as you never know what tomorrow brings. Thats close to home for us as Mels still got a undiagnosed foot issue (they are trying!!!) – but means walking and backpacking in the normal way is impossible.

We like adventure and exploring, and going on “organised” tours isn’t ideal for us 🙁

So…….. We’ve come up with this!

Basically, its an “organised” Rickshaw Challenge rally by the Travel Scientists – and its been going for many years.

We’re going to do a 10 day 1000km drive (!) in these things which will be interesting to say the least! They organise the rickshaw, baggage, support, breakdown, hotels and the like – and there may be 15-20 “teams” doing the same thing – so could be a sociable time

Seems to have the right balance of excitement and challenge and support.

It also means we can drive ourselves and have our usual backpacking freedom to explore as we see fit without worrying about walking.

Once complete, we’ll have a few weeks to get to Mumbai to get home – and we can either take simple train/internal flight via Goa for some beach tine then on to Mumbai, but if we can do more we can push a bit and go a bit more wild.

Who knows!

Time will tell….

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