Definitive Campervan Speed Limit in UK for Vans/Self builds

I’m so fed up of seeing people give out duff advice on forums and facebook, and even in person, that I thought I’d explain what the speed limits are for campervans!

Yes, its an easy question – but the answer isn’t as clear as you think

Viewers of the video have already told me they’ve been fined (wrongly) and argued – and both (as of today) were told “sorry the fine is correct and stands”. One of the guys sent off the facts from this video and escalated it – and hey presto – cancelled and an apology

So its not *obvious* even to the authorities and camera partnerships, but lets be fair, its a niche law and there are more important things they need to know!

Watch the video, read the comments

In summary, if you have a panel van under 3.05 unladen, and its a permanent proper conversion (seats, cooking, sleeping, table, storage, water, window) – then you can do car limits. REGARDLESS of what V5 says. And NOTHING TO DO with taxation class, type approval, body type etc.

Of course, my opinion only – do your own research!! 🙂 But only use decent government sources – not Facebook Freddy, or your mate Steve. Incorrect answers are so often repeated they are believed to be true.

Hope its useful

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