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Hello and welcome to our personal diary/blog of our adventures which cover trips around Europe in our campervan, backpacking in Asia, and now cycling in Europe and around our home in Wiltshire.

We hope you like the new format of the site.  Hopefully it’ll be a bit more interactive as you are able to comment on every page – and be assured we do read all comments and love hearing from you!

Ryan & Mel

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Where we’ve been so far

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20 thoughts on “Ryan and Mel say “Do Your Dream!””

  1. Thanks for this site, I love the way you have detailed your trips for everyone. I am going to Europe for a long trip this year and have never been before so the costs that you have listed are very helpful. Thanks again. best website I’ve seen

  2. just to add my thanks to you both,i have used your site as my bible,never mh before,so completely green,and now we have done 400 nights away,wildcamping most of them,but followed your advice in most things,from what to carry to how to get internet access,keep up the good work, thanks from a very grateful mher.

  3. Thanks guys! Lovely comments and glad it has been of use. There will soon be a lot more interesting information appearing as we push the van a little more!

  4. Hi Mel and Ryan

    You probably don’t remember this, but we were in touch with you briefly last year after seeing your blog. We found your site quite inspiring and it helped us to do a similar thing.

    Well we’re now into week 12 of our two years on the roads of Europe. We sold up much faster than expected and hit the road back in February. We’ve just spent several weeks in Portugal and – like yourselves – absolutely loved it.

    If you’re interested you can see our blog at motorhomo.blogspot.com. Sadly, we don’t have a lot of technical knowhow, so we’re using Blogger and a lot of Google maps to keep in touch with people and let them know what we’re up to.

    Anyway – just wanted to say hello and wish you all the best. We’ll keep an eye on your adventures with interest.


    Alex and David (and Charlie)

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful information. We have started our touring (6 weeks so far) and hope to be on the road for as long as possible, sold our house and a lot of our possessions! One major concern was internet access whilst traveling and your advice was invaluable. Happy travels guys! 🙂

  6. Hi all, thanks for all the amazing info . I have been made redundant from my job of 13 years ! Last day in England is the 31st of August. I have got a 2006 VW T5 which i have converted to a camper .Its all finished and ready to go.Been hard work but worth it. Had some amazing weekends in England so far, making sure everything works.Just cant wait to get out of here now. I think its about 9 weeks to go. Booked a ferry to FRANCE. Plan on going to Switzerland, Italy Spain ,Portugal then back. Unless i find my dream job that is………

  7. Hi guys hope you are well.
    Three weeks to go before i finish work. cant wait to go.
    However one small problem, my insurers have now decided three weeks before i go they will not cover me for the trip !! Who are you insured with ? Insurance companys seem to make the rules up as they go along. After they have taken your money !!


  8. Hi Wayne. I emailed you direct – try Safeguard (who I use) and Comfort. Safeguard seem really van friendly – unlimited mileage; unlimited time abroad etc – as long as you have a UK address. Good luck!

  9. Hello there, think your blog and site are great!

    Is Horizons Unlimited the small place in Tamworth? We live at the back of their unit and he services our Hymer (while we save up for one of his)!!

    Tim & Tracey

  10. Hello to you both. I am guessing that it will be a NO to 2 weeks work in November!!! Live the dream. I wish I was.

    Love and stuff

    Ann from Denton Vets xxxx

  11. Hello there , Anyway just a quick line to say how much we enjoyed your site , found whilst surfing. You are living “our” dream and perhaps oneday we may get there ? We would love to read an update and hope you are still out there “doing it”. ps like your choice of vehicle too LOL best wishes and take care , Maurice and Suzanne

  12. Just come across your site from the Wild Camping Site & have book marked it for further reading when I have a little more time. I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read so far. We’ll be setting off in about a month – don’t know where yet, decide when we leave as per normal.

  13. I’ve bookmarked your site for the future. You’re doing exactly what I want to do, but I’m just starting out with a campervan. I’m taking it easy for now but will start with a tour of the UK to ease me into living in a camper. I’m keeping a blog of everything that I do with my camper and update whenever I travel.

    Keep up the good work, happy travels!

  14. Hello guys,
    After being on the road for now since March 3rd, I have finally found what I have been looking for. A very informative guide to driving around Europe. Cannot believe it has take nme this long to find your site. I am really greatful for the GPS listings as this is just what we have been looking for. Sometimes it can be stressful staying in P+R’s and wild areas as you are not really sure what is going to happen. We have had the police with search lights looking through our van before (as we are not your average looking camper, but luckily its only been the police).
    Have bookmarked your site so I can keep reading as we will be getting to Italy soon and then travelling the coast (southwest) around and back up to Calais and then back to the UK. ETA : Unknown 🙂

  15. hello there

    my family and i are heading to south of italy in our recently bought campervan on monday, we are going london- folkestone- then train- then calais-brindisi, it is our first time driving and cannot decide what is the best route, if you could give us some advice we would be eternally grateful



  16. I am a motorhome enthusiast from Canada, going to do UK and Europe when I retire, 2014. What are your thoughts on buying a motorhome rather than renting? Or alternatively doing a swap with someone over there for my motorhome here for a couple of months? Don’t know much about UK or European motorhomes. Shipping mine is I think not an option as it is 36 feet with 2 slide-outs!
    Any thoughts would be appreciated, I have lots of lead time!

  17. Last year I took a trip to France (and worked), but enjoyed visiting the vineyards, and the french coastline. I am hoping that in 2012 I could do a little tour of southern Europe, including France, Spain, Italy, Greece and the ALPS.

    I think a campervan is the way forward, gives you the choice of staying anywhere on your travels! anyway, great website, made for good reading!

  18. Good meeting you both today on the Chiang Rai trip.You will always be welcome whenever in Ariege……do keep in touch.

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