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Well, we’re Ryan and Mel, a fairly normal married couple who knew from an early time that competing in the rat race wasn’t really for us….

As such we had a rough plan in place for the preceeding 10 or so years until we managed events to enable us to get out of the rat race and enjoy ourselves a bit more.  You’re a long time dead, and we’d rather be in rocking chairs saying “When we were younger we did….” than “I wish we did …. when we were younger”

So this site gives a small insight into our lives and hopefully gives you some ideas and incentive to go and do what you want to yourselves.

Good luck!!

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6 thoughts on “About Us

  • graeme

    thinking about doing what you have done, leaving it all behind and enjoying life. How do you fund all your adventures? and do you have a base here in england to come back to?

  • Alan Garmonsway

    Hi Ryan and Mel
    Just came across your site a bit by accident as I was investigating camper vans! Hope you are both well – the site is great.
    PS – haven’t quite gotten out of the rat race yet, but we do now have a house in France between Nantes & Poitiers, so that’s our project!

  • Neil

    It is so useful to have such detailed information about a conversion. We have a NV200 combi and have considered a conversion., not quiet as you have done but with the ability to remove the conversion because we have need of the van as a van. I do have a few questions about the reasons behind your plans. First question is why in the floor use batons as it seams like over kill. Is their some problem with the fool warping

    • admin Post author

      Fair question! It was a pain and the ply floor was a pain to fit.
      We used battens to support floor as thought the foam insulation may sag with the weight on over time. Also wanted the floor fixed so it could not move so screwing to bonded batens fixed it. The furniture is screwed to ply so hence via battens bonded to floor. Solid as a rock. But a pain! For sure our method could be improved.