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21 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. A very interesting site. Useful as my wife and I are hoping to do a similar adventure. I’m still trying to persuade Michelle to go for it. 2 month taster trip planned for end of April! Its really useful to build up contacts that have already done it!

  2. Thanks for all the information and excellent tips. Will be utilising them when wifey and I start our “Epic Journey”

    Best Regards


  3. ust a quick note –
    I notice you are off to Italy soon.
    I have just posted a ‘diary’ of our 2007 trip.
    (just changed internet provider so just re-building the site but quickly put this on – if it is of any use.
    If you send me an email address I will send you a kml file which you can open in google earth to see our stops.
    I save our location each time we stop in my sat nav to use for reference in the future
    Must sees apart from many others – PAESTUM definately CAPO VATICANO – but don’t tell anyone else !!
    Have a good trip – we are just about to set off to Spain / Portugal

    Remember – as someone said – Home is where you park it.

  4. Hi Guys,

    Remember meeting at Afferden, Holland?? Well there is a facinating set of circumstances that I am sure you will find amusing concerning how we found your superb site and why!

    We have read just about every thing you have written about your travels they seem great. Glad you enjoyed Spain and Portugal and we agree Portugal has the edge.

    Must rush off now as we are busy finalising our packing to leave once more on another tour tomorrow. Yet another coincidence we are planning to tour Italy!

    Kind regards
    Barry & Hazel

  5. Hi Mel and Ryan

    Following your adventure with great interest. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes
    Marion and Mike

  6. Hello Mel and Ryan!
    Greetings from Como to Como from your camper-neightbours!
    We are standing here in front of you and we can see what you are eating today!!

    Let the sun shine also the next days, have a nice trip – see you anywhere in Europe again!

    Manuela und Matthias

    Admin reply: hi!
    Como was lovely wasn’t it?
    Dinner was nice – glad you didn’t see what we had for desert
    Safe travels!

  7. What a great website. We share a lot in common. When I retired three years ago we bought a long wheel base VW camper with a Bibo’s Nexa conversion. We go away for 5-6 weeks every spring and autumn. Our trips have included Spain/Portgal, Switzerland/Croatia and we are about to go to Greece, taking the overnight ferry from Ancona, Italy to Greece. I particularly found the bit about using internet hotspots interesting as I have just bought an Acer netbook and this will be our first trip with internet access. I was surprised that your bit on campsites does not refer to France Passion. For 28 euros you get a book detailing hundreds of overnight stops at farms, vineyards etc where you can stay overnight for free. No facilities but a chance to meet the natives! Good luck in your travels.

  8. Hi Ryan and Mel. I have enjoyed reading your blog and it was very helpful in planning a big trip to Europe in April/May/June 09. I have a blog which might be of some interest to you as regards France. It is not a “public” blog but if you reply to me by e-mail I will send you the link.
    Good luck on your travels and thank you for your efforts.
    Laurence (Hymer VAN 522 2006)

  9. Hi Ryan and Mel-just read your post following our email and am signing your guest book-hope it works OK. We could not wait for our new van to arrive so in the meantime stumbled across a 52 plate Murvi Mallard on a Fiat so we have really got into motorvanning now1
    We went to Torquay over the weekend to see Joe Brown-what a show!
    Look forward to reading your travel news.

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us. Anne and I are the couple you met last Friday at the NEC when we ordered a new (stealth) Cavarno in dark grey. Roll on next Season.

    Is there an HU owner club or forum?


  11. Just had a quick look at your blog following the publication of its address in MMM this month. Congratulations, taking the trouble to record your adventures will remind you of them for the rest of your lives.
    Your journeys have a marked similarity to what we have been doing in our Murvi Morello over the last three years. The main difference being that we are probably forty years older than you are! If you want to see our blog type Mobile Geriatrics into Google

  12. well looks like you had a great time,just hope our trip turns out as well as yours.
    thanks for shareing you trips with us

  13. Hi u2 nice to pick up your blog we met at Salin Giraud when we talked about piemanson beach. Oh the weather!!!!!

    Admin reply: Many moons ago! Yes – we did venture down to the beach – very very windy and almost killed ourselves with the powerkite! And thanks for the water tip too!
    Now stuck here till April and then off. We did like the med

  14. Hi Ryan – thought I’d sign your guestbook as a thankyou for your IT help at my offices – very professional and excellent value for money. Many thanks and best wishes with the travelling

    Admin reply: Cheers Christain!
    However you’re spoiling the illusion that life is one long holiday! In truth though, we both actually like work when we can fit it in, and enjoy helping people out.
    See you soon and thanks for a fair few tanks of diesel

  15. Hi
    Just wanted to say thanks for the web site. Packed full of very useful information. It’s good to get some practical advise from people who have been there and done it

  16. Hi there , enjoyed reading your blogs which found by chance after looking through MHF for tips on prague etc, we have been ” touring europe ” since 2007, have spent many weeks in Holland / France / Portugal / Belgium and Germany . Love following the rivers eg the Rhine / Moselle / Elbe / DanubeWe plan to go off agin in april via Holland through Germany ( redoing Harz mountains ) onto Czech then back through Bavaria homewards . We take our elderly Lab ( 15yr ) she enjoys paddling in all the rivers / lakes / sea we find . Am busy planning a circular drive in Czech , do they have equivalent Aires / Stellplatz there. in portugal we stay on the Barragems ( reservoirs ) which usually have lovely scenic views . Happy travelling , are pathe may cross one day eh .We currently have a Hymer hope to upgrade to a Carthargo ( 2nd hand – cannot afford new one at 85K !!! )

  17. Many thanks for the great info ref Kindle 🙂

    Oh and also enjoying other stuff on this ‘ere site ! 🙂 Cheers guys……………

  18. Hi Guys,
    just a note to say thanks for some good items on your site, very informative. We are just back from 8 weeks vanning in Oz and are planning an extended trip to Il de rey and Biarritz in our T5. We have already don 2 7 week trip to NZ too.If you need any Oz tips please let us know.

  19. I have sold our old T25 VW and bought a similar van to yours, I found your site very useful.
    I also bought from Roy Wood Transits. I live in Maidenhead so easy access. I have been after a couple of vehicles they’ve advertised but been unable to collate the funds in time to purchase until now. I collect it on Monday a 56 plate. I will mention your site when I pick it up.

    Your skill at putting this wealth of knowledge on the internet is to be admired.

    I am 60 my wife is 59, we consider ourselves “computer literate”. However, I would have loved to share our wisdom gathered from converting our ex bakers van from Barnes into a campervan and modifying it along the way. I never had to advertise the van for sale, I had a list of people who had approached me intent on buying it.

    Once again – THANK YOU.

  20. Hi,
    Sorry to hear that Ryan’s parents did not manage the full Cambodia tour as planned. Hope they enjoyed what they did see (I’m sure that it was better than sitting at home wishing they had gone) and that the rest of your trip is excellent.

    See you soon – it has stopped raining here (briefly) and daffodils are out


  21. Really enjoying the Nissan NV200 conversion!
    I haven’t been brave enough to start my own yet but I plan to and keeping a look out for suitable second hand base vehicle. thanks for all the detail 🙂

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