Up until mid March 2010 we had been using an off-line web page designer linked with Google Blogger.  However, Google decided to stop supporting FTP updates which meant our site would need to have some rework undertaken.  Thus, ironically,  a 10 minute google reminded me of WordPress which I thought was worth a try….

And after an hour of playing with the latest version I became impressed and decided to migrate the entire site to it and thus leave me completely in control and not have to worry about anyone changing anything and breaking my site.  In addition it means I no longer need any software, though I do need to be on-line to write new pages.  Ho hum – lets see how it goes!

I’ve deliberately left comments enabled on the site so that I can get your feedback, comments, telling us stunning places we missed etc and hopefully allow us to maintain the site to a higher level than before.

We hope you enjoy it!

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