We have the following POI files hosted by us:-

  • Caravan Club GPS POIs inclduing club sites, certified sites/CLs and abooad sites (2012 data) click here
  • Camping and Caravanning Club GPS POIs including club sites, certified sites/CSs and Listed sites (2012 data) click here
  • 2012 Aires, Bordatlas, ACSI and Camping cheques in Autoroute and TomTom format – click here
  • Municipal Campsite in France and a few beyond (2,200) click here
  • LPG / GPL / Autogas locations – click here (20,000+)
  • FON Hotspot POI click here
  • McDonalds locations (for free wifi) (5,700+) click here
  • Caravan Club GPS POIs for sites and CLs click here
  • Our own random finds – click here
  • The above links are all informational about each download, but all downloads have been moved to a single page.  Click HERE to get the free downloads

Other websites (from our links page) where POIs are hosted etc in various formats are here:-

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19 thoughts on “GPS POIs Hosted by us”

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  3. Hello
    Lots of poi information, but somewhat dated.
    Would you know if data canbe extracted from a poi map such as pubstopovers.
    If so would be great for satnav.
    Regards Graham

    1. Hi Graham.
      Yes, you are right these are dated. I stopped bothering with creating them when others seemed to take the batten but then they stopped. Also tech has moved on!
      Now, I subscribe to a couple of sources: campingcarinfos – and I use their app ; Wildcamping.co.uk forum (for pub spots, we use a new pub maybe every couple of months) – and archies campings.
      But so many commercial people doing it and overlaps, its a minefield!
      Good luck

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