Van Modifications

When we look at what we’ve changed you may think it is due to a badly designed van.  In fact its far from it, our requirements changed from a weekend van to a 2-month van, and our usage requirements changed along the way.  Below is a list of all the changes we’ve made which are expanded on further pages.  If you want more information please let us know.

In additon to the document pages below, check out the tagged blog posts that are van related as new and minor mods are tagged in this way.

Upgrades (click here)

  • Upgrading battery power from 85AH to 200AH
  • Winterising
  • External water tank heater/insulation
  • Gaslow refillable gas
  • Back Box (with camera)
  • LED lighting

Useful modifications for anyone (click here)

  • Night Alarm
  • Changing stereo to habitation battery
  • China/Pan tray
  • Shower Curtain
  • Cab Insulation curtain

Minor tweaks (maybe specific to van) (click here)

  • Extra power outlets
  • Moving hot water switch
  • Cupboard conversions
  • Cupboard insulation
  • Extra table hole
  • Shelving wardrobe

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