Minor Tweaks (probably van specific)

The modifications here may only be applicable to our make/model of van – so these modifications will not be covered in detail

Extra power outlet

Simple installation of another 13A socket in the offside front seat to allow a heater to be run in the cab area without trailing leads.  Fitted to existing “plug” circuit all protected by 10A breaker – as such it doesn’t need to be a “ring”.  RWT supplied parts

Moving hot water switch

We moved the hot water switch from the offside wall to the offside seat base where it is accessible.  However where we moved it makes it kickable off, so hindsight could have improved the location.  We have also mounted the external water tank heater switch next to here so it works out anyway.  This has been moved in the new model vans.

Cupboard conversions

We’ve converted 2 cupboards.  In one we have fitted a mini drawer unit with 16 small drawers at a slight angle to prevent them popping out.  These contain all he accessories, cables, fuses, spares etc that you need to carry.  In the other we simply changed the 2-layer arrangement to create a small full-height area to store tall things like bottles of squash.

Cupboard insulation

There are a couple of cupboards that contain LPG drop holes, yet there is a gap between the door and the plinth.  This is not visible but when there is cold wind it can be felt quite badly!  We’ve just sealed off these gaps keeping the LPG holes open and considering saftey,

Extra table hole

We fitted a new table drop hole in the offside.  RWT supplied the parts to match with advice on where to safely cut the floor.  This works well and I believe this is now standard on new vans.

Shelving wardrobe

When camping we don’t take clothes that need hanging, so we simply changed the hanging space into more shelves.  We have plastic boxes that fit perfectly into the shelves which we can remove and use the entire space efficiently.

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