Blimey.  We did it again!  We had another stupid idea just days before leaving, and literally again, the van was in bits the day before we left.  On our last trip, we had the silly idea of maybe going snowboarding in the van in Spain or Andorra as we’ll be “in the area”.  All well and good, but the van isn’t designed for such winter abuse.  So in order to make this a possibility, we decided to winterise the van as much as possible – which meant:  Making fleece “blinds” to seal the cold cab area; insulating all pipe-work including waste that we can get to – including underneath; removing and insulating the water tanks; installing a 12v tank heater to prevent the fresh water freezing; cramming insulation in every hole we could find; and finally fitting some cheap n cheerful insulated carpet.  Needless to say, the jobs weren’t as simple as hoped – and I now have a few new battle scars!

Apart from that, and giving the van a good clean, it was good to go!

This time, we did reduce the amount of clothes and stuff packed – and thats notwithstanding the fact we have had to pack beach and summer-wear as well as winter-wear and ski-wear! Hopefully we’ve forgotten nothing….


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  1. Hello – great site!!! Got a motothome last year and loving it!

    Would love to be able to read about your adventures in Switzerland and Italy but can’t seem to get the link to work.



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