For a change, we did not make any last minute changes to the van.  The only things we needed to do were to replace the rear-view camera on the box (the first eBay one leaked) and to modify the thermal curtains we made.   

We decided not to do too much planning for this trip as well, so we simply bought BoardAtlas 2009 and the Italian Guida Camper from Vicarious Books.  So for us, we’d even have to make up the route as we went – and for that we just had a rough recommended guide from Russell (on Motorhome facts) which seemed a good place to start!   After being stung for expensive food items in Spain we have also brought half of Tesco with us as well which should help reduce our shopping bill  

Apart from that the van was cleaned, checked, and loaded to the brim and we set off for adventures unknown!


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