For trip index click HERE – for all photos of trip see HERE Austria isn’t really on the agenda for this trip, so we really just used it as a cut through. We stopped at Graz for a quick lunch and explore then headed back towards Germany via the mountainous […]

Austria to Home

For trip index click HERE – for all photos of trip see HERE Our first post-Prague stop was at Beroun which is a rather pretty old town with a big square, and interesting walk around. Pretty building. Nice, but not wow. But also there in the park was a bear […]

Prague to Austria

For trip index click HERE – for all photos of trip see HERE The Czech Republic is the first new country we’ve been to for years, and back to the daunting/unknown of what we’ll find. Each country is different, and even silly thinks like how pedantic people drive to speed […]

Czech Republic Border to Prague

  All photos of trip Part One – Home to Leipzig (Germany) Part Two – Leipzig to Colditz (Germany) Part Three – Colditz to Bastei and Czech Border (Germany) Part Four – Czech Republic border to Prague Part Five – Prague to Austria Part Six – Austria to Home

Germany & Czech Republic Trip index

Trip index HERE Okay, here is a brain dump! Take less than you think you need Take less than us! If you are camping, get an ACSI card – it can be cheaper GPS’s Android phone with OSMAND offline maps Download Archies Camping GPS database and import as into OSMAND […]

Top tips for long cycle rides

Trip index HERE Annoyingly, the GPX map viewer I use here cannot cope with a multi-segment gpx file, so its split in 3.  Home to Poole (for ferry).  Cherboug to Narnonne via the beach.  South Mimms (where Bike-Express drops us off to home) The totals are:- Distance:  1422km = 883 […]

Cycle Route from home to south of France

After our fun trip a few years ago, we decided to cycle to the med for some summer sun.  Again. Last time, having never undertaken such a ride, we opted on a simple ride just (!) from St Malo to the med, but via canals and rivers.  So c. 1000 […]

Cycle from home to the south of France (900+ miles)….

Well, that was an interesting year!  Our plans for 2016 were HERE and, well, how did we do…. 2016 Two months backpacking around Cambodia and Thailand, escorting my parents for part of it YES!  Though partly a disaster, eh Dad?! 🙂  Though we did have a great time Build a new, […]

2016 Plan vs Actual, and 2017 Plans

All product reviews click HERE As we do lots of riding, and want to do more long cycle touring, thought it was about time I got a bike GPS.  Usually, we use our Phones with OSMAnd with offline maps, which is great, but this means stopping and looking at the […]

REVIEW: Garmin Edge Touring Bike GPS

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This is a nice bike ride through country lanes via Lacock Atworth and Holt, and into Corsham for a cuppa.  This is accidentally similar route to our other slightly shorter one, but this takes in Corsham for a coffee.  Starting in Melksham, and […]

Melksham, Lacock, Corsham, Holt

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This is a lovely and surprising walk barely know about by locals!   You can start from anywhere, but from the canal at Semington is good, then a walk down the canal and across fields to Seend Cleeve where there are a couple of pubs […]

Melksham, Seend Cleeve and Semington Walk

All product reviews click HERE As we use the van for wild camping, we do need wash and shower facilities, which in our van is almost impossible.  Initially we tried a solar shower, but that was a messy failure! So we thought about it, and I was going to DIY […]

REVIEW: 12v Shower system (pump & head etc)

All campervan fridges generate heat, both absorption and compressor, and its this heat which keeps the fridges internals cool one way or another. Absorption fridges are usually vented externally on side vents, and cool air enters at the bottom and escapes at the top, allowing the hot heat exchanger to […]

Adding DIY thermostatic fridge fan

Well, we’ve now had 40 days away in the van since its birth, 28 on a consecutive trip, so how has it been? Base Van Well this has been rather good, the driving and passenger seats are very     comfortable making full day driving quite easy. We have the 90ps […]

How did the NV200 campervan do?

Van trip index HERE – preceding article  HERE and – all pics from trip HERE On leaving the lake, we bumbled around a couple of towns site seeing and walking, but the heat was stupid. The shade was hot and there are only so many ice creams you can eat, so we […]

Verdon, to the med, and dawdle home