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For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This route was an accidental find, and tougher than expected!  Melksham to the Devizes route is quite good tracks, and very quiet with most being off road.  From here towards Heddington is fine quiet road, but from here it gets tough and semi-unmarked.  It starts cutting across a field, […]

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This is a nice bike ride along canal path, empty county lanes, via Westbury for a coffee, and little villages via Freddies Farm back to the canal.  You can download the GPX route from the Download link under the map. Distance:  42km Type of route: Canal, gravel, quite […]

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE Chilling at Moissac we looked at the map and checked our route and reckon we only have 5 cycling days till we hit the med!  Campsites seem to be spread out a bit so the daily distance is what it has […]

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE So, after needing a rest due to sore knees, then Mel not having her wedding and engagement ring, what can you do?  We were meeting friends from the UK in Salles but they were miles away and not contactable and no […]

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE As expected we both awoke with aches and pains and decided on an easier day at a slower pace which seemed to work ok and we survived 38 miles. Funny how 38 miles is now seen as short!  But the paths […]

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE After seeing how hectic Nantes was for the festival we planned to leave early. However the night before we met an English couple who invited us for drinks, so it wasn’t that early a night. Rather embarrassingly we had no drinks […]

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE After a lovely send off by some of the neighbours we headed for the train at Trowbridge station. We expected the train to Portsmouth to be stress free but it was far from it. Our bikes didn’t fit into the pre […]

Hi all. I know many (most 🙂 ) visitors aren’t interested in the entire content of this site, but in likeliness have a specific interest in an activity or a specific country.  Until now, there has been no easy way to see all related information. However, I’ve had a free few minutes and have now […]

A few people have asked us for details of our route, so here is a clever interactive map showing our route in full detail.  Its so accurate, we’re only taking this data with us – and not any paper maps!  But, we will have 2x smartphones and a tablet so, in theory, can’t get lost. […]

Well, we’ve committed to cycle from home to the south of France for some sunny beach time!  Its only 700 miles or so, so can’t be that tough – surely?  But considering we normally just load up and take the ‘van this trip will require quite a bit of planning and surprisingly quite a lot […]

Happy new year to our avid readers who probably think we’ve either died, or just aren’t doing anything anymore!  Well, sorry 🙁 we’ve been busy and we only try and put interesting trips on our blog as anything that is short or normal isn’t really worth writing about! After our van issues (which turned out […]

After 8 years of owning our little cavarno, we are having naughty thoughts about selling it.  Not because we want to up-size or down-size or upgrade, but because our plans for the next 12-18mths aren’t covering many long van trips.  We are thinking cycle trekking, backpacking etc for next year….  And is it fair to […]

Low power/boost on Ford TDCi engine On our last trip to France, our van experienced what appeared to be a major fault, such that it struggled going up hills which is unheard of for these vans! It was as if the turbo wasn’t working properly, or for whatever reason the van was sluggish as pie. […]

Blimey! 2012 was an amazing year, with the first 3 months spent in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, and then 3 month house hunting trip before we moved in in June.  Then the last 6 months of 2012 were busy catching up with friends, settling in our new home, and doing DIY…  Oh – and […]

(See the rest of our tip index here) In the past I have tried some devices that enable you to watch TV on a laptop and I had mixed results.  Flakey quality, high power consumption, and unreliable software.  So I gave up and bought a Meos 13.3″ TV unit which has served us well for […]

After 7 years our first van had its first real component failure, which can’t be bad.  The water pump seems to have failed due to a seal going between it and the power steering pump. resulting in coolant leaking very slowly down and over the starter motor.  Getting it changed at a garage was quoted […]

Well, as you may have seen, we’ve not updated our blog since we came back from Asia.  Amazingly, we came back on 25 March, then after sorting some bits out we went area/house hunting with a HUGE area of the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and Dorset.  So the little camper has been used heavily since then. But, the […]

At last, the camping and caravanning club 2012 data is available.  See our main GPS download page here to download it. You obviously need to be a member to use the facilities.  The .csv and some of the [adrotate banner="84"] XXL Europe files (not all) are available direct from CCC.  However, the data here is just […]

Well for those wondering what we’re doing after returning from the fabulous Asia trip, well, back to reality I guess! Its time to buy another house somewhere and get our stuff out of my (very kind!) parents garage. Not sure where, but we like places like Chippenham; Cirencester; Gillingham; Salisbury; Highworth; Melksham to name but […]

See trip index here, Cambodia index here, and more photos from Cambodia here Our positive view of Cambodia and Phnom Penh continued after going out for a beer at 50p a glass and then to the local night market for tea.  You can’t get more authentic than joining pretty much all locals sitting on rugs […]