All product reviews click HERE We had a need for a multi purpose camping light, suitable for our awning, and as an external light for when just sitting outside, and for when we go cycle touring with our tent, so quite muti use needed.  In addition, we wanted the light […]

REVIEW: Rechargeable Camping Light

This is a video of our DIY mod to have an electric lift on the Rusty Lee VW V4 Rock n Roll 3/4 size bed. Just makes it easy to put it back without bending your back.The switch needs to be a DPDT switch, with +ve from power source going […]

Electric lift for Rock n Roll bed

Okay, it now over, and now time to use the van.  We borrowed ideas from many blogs and websites, videos and forum posts, and each helped us design “our” van.  So to pay back I’ve made a video of ours with enough detail so that anyone looking can see what […]

NV200: Van complete – final pics and video

Well that was easier than expected. DVLA sent us a new V5 today with all the correct changes, confirming it is now a motor caravan and has 4 seats!  No hassle, no questions, no inspections, and no cost.  Just over 3 weeks turnaround.  Just a case of writing a letter, […]

NV200: DVLA Approval – and new V5

Todays job was boxing in some pipework and wiring that goes from the kitchen area, across behind the seats to the diesel heater then under the passenger seat to the waste water tank.  The pipework and cabling is neat in tubes, just needs cosmetic covering up. Under the passenger seat […]

NV200: Boxing in, and Toilet roll cupboard

We wanted a Heki Midi – but once we got the van we thought it was too big, so in the end got a Heki air quad, 400×400 installation with fixed ventilation. But having never installed before, we knew this would be a challenge! Firstly, I made a frame out of […]

NV200: Fitting skylight

The 240v electric requirements are quite simple for us as we seldom use 240v.  Most of the time we run on gas/12v – and everything we carry runs on 12v or USB.  So 240v is simply for a mains battery charger and a single socket that we can use for […]

NV200: 240v Electrics

Well, the first job was to remove the bulkhead.  Easy peasy.  Or so we thought.  But hey ho, nothing will be straight forward so we may as well start now! The mesh bulkhead was in 3 parts bolted with 13mm hex and T40 torx bolts – so easy enough to […]

NV200: Removing bulkhead

240v Electrics Idea The 240v electrics are quite simple on this van, as they aren’t really needed.  But, we want it just to operate a 240v battery charger and a single 240v socket just for a single 1/2kw electric heater in the winter.  So nothing major. Now simply, you need […]

240v Electrics

See HERE for trip index This trip is slightly different to our previous Asia trip as my parents should have been joining us for the first 4 weeks (see later). As they are (cough) 70+ we’ve had to take that into consideration in terms of locations and timings, with the […]

Asia 2016: Siem Reap

Well, following on from our 2015-2016 plans, how did we do? Hmmm.  Not hugely well.  Totally my parents fault, mainly my mother, whose selective hearing meant she thought we were talking about a return to Cambodia and Thailand in 2016 – despite saying 2017 and even in our previous plan […]

2016, 2017 and 2018 adventure plans…..

Unbelievable. Sad.  Saying bye bye to friend that has given us so much and made so many adventures possible 🙁 After 10 years to the day, 70,000 miles, and countless nights of unbelievable adventures, travels, touring and excitement, the van is leaving us and going to a new home and new owners who […]

The van is no more! :(

Blimey, good job our plans are fluid 🙂 We’ve always wanted to go back to SE Asia as on our 4 month backpacking trip we feel like we rushed bits.  So we’d planned to go back to Thailand and Cambodia in a year or three. Ankor complex (Siem Reap – […]

Change of plan, back to SE Asia…

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This is a nice bike ride through quiet country lanes all the way to Castle Combe – and directly to the racetrack!  Ideal for a day out if the motorsport is on.  As we did it for the motorsport, we did out and […]

Melksham-Lacock-Castle Combe – 44km (22km each way) bike route

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This route is a bit off road, brideway and muddy roads, hybrid bike needed as a minimum.  Once leaving Melksham on Forest Road, then heading on bridleway/track through the lovely Spy Park, and then across the top near Bowdon, but then kinking right […]

Melksham, Spy Park, Corsham, Lacock 40km mountain bike ride