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Click HERE for trip index Getting to our accommodation in Khao Lak was easier than expected. The tourist minivans would stop in central khao lak only leaving us stranded, so we opted for public big bus so walked to the main road where there is a “bus stop”. Within seconds […]

Asia 2016: Khao Lak and The Similan Islands

click HERE for trip index Ao Nang Getting a stupid 06:25 flight is never a good idea, and getting to Chiang Mai airport at 5:10 was cutting it fine especially as there is a security scan before you get into the airport, so by the time you get to the […]

Asia 2016: Ao Nang and Khao Sok

Click HERE for trip index Getting from Pai to Chiang Mai isn’t simple, you have to go back to Chiang Mai then head north. We opted for the “interesting” route…. So the journey from Pai to Chiang Mai was in a minivan through the same company we used to get […]

Asia 2016: Chiang Rai

Click HERE for trip index Well Mel was very daunted having convinced herself the journey from Chiang Mai to Pai would be a puke fest as per the internet comments. We booked a minivan via our guesthouse (Funky Monkey) and awaited pickup…. The previous day we met someone who did […]

Asia 2016: Pai, Sappong (aka Pang Mapha), Tham Lot

Click HERE for trip index          As expected the night train was late and sadly the Air con sleeper we booked was broken so we were in a fan (non ac) one with a promised refund on arrival. Last time with a failed AC unit we baked, but this time […]

Asia 2016: Chiang Mai

Click HERE for trip index Fortunately, the minivan from Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya ran and was surprisingly efficient, collecting us and delivering us door to door at our guesthouses. We stayed in the same place as 2012 and worryingly the lady recognized us. We only stayed the night as we had […]

Asia 2016: Ayutthaya, Pak Chong, Khao Yai

Click HERE to see trip index As planned we walked to the pier 13 and took the express boat to thon buri pier 11 for 26 bhats and walked to the train station for a 100bt (£2) ticket to Kanchanaburi. It is a long journey but worth it by train […]

Asia 2016: Kanchanaburi

Click HERE for trip index The flight into Bangkok was smooth and the pre arranged pick up was waiting. The hotel pickups are a lot more than taxis but just take all the hassle away at a new city. The hotel was where we expected and was quite reasonable for […]

Asia 2016: Bangkok

See HERE for trip index This trip is slightly different to our previous Asia trip as my parents should have been joining us for the first 4 weeks (see later). As they are (cough) 70+ we’ve had to take that into consideration in terms of locations and timings, with the […]

Asia 2016: Siem Reap

Blimey, good job our plans are fluid 🙂 We’ve always wanted to go back to SE Asia as on our 4 month backpacking trip we feel like we rushed bits.  So we’d planned to go back to Thailand and Cambodia in a year or three. Ankor complex (Siem Reap – […]

Change of plan, back to SE Asia…

Well, its now August, and our Asia trip seems a distant memory.  To aid that, we’ve just spent a few days creating a photo montage and got it printed out and delivered today in A0 size.  Its massive!! 5,200 pixels wide, and 7,300 pixels high.  Any bigger the laptop kept […]

Missing Asia :(

Mistakes We aren’t perfect, and we made a few mistakes along the way!  Here are some: Brought too much!  Our 35+8 litre rucksacks were perfect, but we still brought too much.  Laundry is cheap and by weight, so you could bring less and wash it more.  No need to bring […]

SE Asia, Mistakes & Lessons

Costs Flights return UK-Bangkok £1,012       Flights from Krabi(TH) to Kuala Lumpar (MY) £159       Flights from Kuala Lumpar(MY) to Hanoi(VN) £250       Insurance £195       Vaccines £40       Visa – Thailand (double entry) £132 £56+£10 fees each   Visa […]

SE Asia Costs and Review

Northern Thailand Costs and Review See our general tip page here.  Note the costs here do not include flights, vaccines and insurance etc – this will be detailed at the end of the trip.   Total per day   THB gbp THB gbp Accommodation 14550 £311.92 808 £17.33 Trains 12 […]

Northern Thailand Review and Costs Summary

See trip index here, Northern Thailand index here and more photos from Northern Thailand here For a couple of chilled days we decided to head to Pattaya which is probably not one of the best places in Thailand!  One guidebook quotes it as the place where all the Western and […]

116-120 Pattaya, Bangkok to Home