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Van trip index HERE – preceding article     HERE  – all pics from trip HERE The next day we did a bit more biking from Val d’isere but stuck to the green, but Mels confidence as well as her body had taken a big hit, so rather than being loose and […]

The Alps, and The Verdon

Van trip index HERE – all pics from trip HERE OK, so after a fair few test nights, its time to use the tiny campervan for a month long trip. And not just a trip, but one that required loads of kit. It’s a standard month in France, bumbling to […]

Month trip in new van starts….

All photos from this trip are HERE, previous installment HERE I think that leaving the beach made us feel a bit ill, a bit flu-like and bunged up – the realisation of home set in!  We opted to try the Verdon-sur-mer to Royan ferry to avoid a long drive, but […]

The Beach to Home

All photos from this trip are HERE, previous installment HERE Our 5 fun filled and relaxing days by the beach were obviously needed, and most of our aches and bruises went away. My swollen wrist had gone down and no longer made any funny noises.  However, you’d have thought a […]

Med and the Altantic beachy bit

All photos from this trip are HERE, previous installment HERE Staying in Crest, we had, or rather tried for a morning run, but I think our bodies were beat!  The run was flat but so were our batteries!  Once we made it back we just about made the very busy […]

Crest to the Med

All photos from this trip are HERE, previous installment HERE Think we spoke too soon about being incident free…. Mel had a bit of an off – nothing major, and ironically it was caused by not going fast enough round a banked corner.  I know it was a 180’ corner […]

Valloire to Crest

All photos from this trip are HERE, previous installment HERE Staying at Vallorie, our biking has improved and (touch wood) – our extra body armour has so far not been needed – we’ve stayed surprisingly accident free!  The worst its got is having to put a foot down so, so […]

Mountain Biking

All photos from this trip are HERE After what feels like a long time, we’re off again on another trip!  Though in honesty, this is more of a long holiday than a trip as we will are going away to do something specific, so we’re not randomly exploring this time.  […]

Away in France again!

Camping in the snow at Valloire 1
Thought it was about time we posted again as it looks like we’ve not been up to much.  The thing is, we have, but nothing as long or as challenging as previous trips, so not really worth saying much about!  It also looks like the van hasn’t been used much, […]

Snowboarding with Campervan in Valloire

Bordatlas 2012 1
Blimey.  Only takes a few days back from Asia and I’m back into campervan mode!  Our van is cleaned, had a bit of DIY maintenance, and we’re off on Friday for a couple of weeks in the UK house hunting. Just noticed Bordatlas (or board atlas!) is now available on […]

Bordatlas 2012 now available easily and cheaply

Index for this trip HERE   Travel Ferry 80.00 €   Tolls 3.00 €   Fuel 572.00 €   Parking (see Wild if overnight stop) 2.00 €   Train/bus/tram 0.00 € Subsistence Food 335.00 €   Gas 28.00 €   Entertainment/Goodies   421.00 €   Essentials (laundry, household, repairs) 109.00 € […]

Trip 9 – Costs and Review

Index for this trip HERE After 8 weeks and almost into September, we are fortunately still blessed with pretty good weather.  On leaving La Rochelle we headed on the coastal roads through some reasonably generic tourist towns until we got to Les Sables-d’Olonne.  Les Sables appears to be a better […]

Week 8 – La Rochelle to home

Index for this trip HERE On leaving Rocamadour we had a nice chat with our “neighbours” – and her English was only slight better than our French, but it was actually rather good to mutually cock up both languages yet still have a conversation!  We headed to Sarlat-la-Canéda which was […]

Week 7 – Rocamadour to La Rochelle

Index for this trip HERE As the weather was again clear and warm, we decided to head to the cost again for a few days, so we went to the sandy beaches of Cap d’Agde to chill out and get some rays.  There was some more excitement than normal on […]

Week 6 – Homps to Rocamadour

Index for this trip HERE We awoke at the start of our 4th week to glorious sunshine, so we were out bright and early on the trails.  They opened up another lift, so we took that up and played on trails that we hadn’t tried before, as well as improving […]

Week 4 – Valloire to Les Deux Alpes