Trip index HERE Photos from trip HERE Well – we’re back! Total distance:  939 miles Total climb:  33,977 feet ( 10,356 m) Time cycling:  95 hrs 27 mins Calories burned (though luggage weight not taken into account): 37,192 (!) Interesting statistics! Really good bits:- The tent was fantastic.  Very quick […]

Cycling to the med – review – we’re home!

Trip index HERE OK, Yes, there are some Amazon links on here – and if you click n buy we get a small amount of commission though you don’t pay more.  This is good 🙂  It means if 1,000,000 people click and buy stuff – we can afford to do […]

Stuff we’re taking

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This route was a short test to see how accessible the bridleways are E/NE of Melksham between Bath Road and Sandridge.  And the answer is, they are there and challenging – so good fun after a heavy night of rain. Full MTB needed […]

Melksham, Sells Green, Seend 16km mountain bike

Van trip index HERE – all pics from trip HERE OK, so after a fair few test nights, its time to use the tiny campervan for a month long trip. And not just a trip, but one that required loads of kit. It’s a standard month in France, bumbling to […]

Month trip in new van starts….

Well, we’ve just got back from a 640 mile ish bike ride around Brittany, pretty much following the map HERE. We survived!  The facts:- 640 miles No tyre punctures (Schwarbe marathon tyres are ace!  4,000+ puncture free miles between the two of us.  Excellent) One split airbed  (Vango Trek – […]

1000km cycle/camping 1 month tour of Brittany

This trip was more of a challenge for us to see if we could do it, as the route was tough – more than 425km long and 5,300m climbs – all with around 35kg of luggage on our trusted mountain bikes. Full route here Daily route here All pictures here […]

Lands End to Home Cycle Ride (>>425km)

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This is a tough route, a fair few tough hills and a reasonable distance.  This goes from Melksham to Dyrham Park via Lacock and lots of villages along the way.  A really very pretty and quiet road route.  At Dyrham park (national trust) […]

70km Melksham to Dyrham Park via Lacock cycle route

Well, the LEJOG trip is almost here!  Yikes.   For some reason we’re not seeing this as a holiday – more a nightmare plan lol.  Just got to hope Mels knee is up to it.  And us generally actually, as it is a tough route.  Do remember though, our LEJOG isn’t […]

LEJOG Trip route

Slight change of plans for our early idea for 2015 – mainly due to logistics, and also wanting a route that is slightly easier with the ability to make shorter loop changes if needed due to Mels ongoing knee issues.  So, out with Switzerland and in with Brittany – an […]

A month cycling around Brittany….

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE This is a nice bike ride through country lanes via Lacock up to Chippenham, through the town and parks, and then on the old Chippenham-Calne railway that is now more bridleway.  Into Calne, and then  country lanes back towards Bromam to Seend and […]

Melksham, Chippenham, Calne, Seend 50km bike ride

Summary Well, it was my idea to cycle to the med, and as we said – “its only 1000 miles, how hard can it be?”….. The answer is both “very hard” and “not too hard” – depends whether you think about it after a days cycling or after a week […]

Cycle trip summary, review and costs

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE After reaching the med, as planned, we’ve had a week or so holiday that we won’t bore you with. But as we are on the med in tourist season campsite costs vary hugely up to €40+ […]

Agde to Montpellier and home 911-1000+ miles

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE Chilling at Moissac we looked at the map and checked our route and reckon we only have 5 cycling days till we hit the med!  Campsites seem to be spread out a bit so the daily […]

Moissac to Adge 709-911 miles

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE So, after needing a rest due to sore knees, then Mel not having her wedding and engagement ring, what can you do?  We were meeting friends from the UK in Salles but they were miles away […]

Salles to Moissac 563-709 miles

For full trip index click HERE, and for all photos from trip click HERE As expected we both awoke with aches and pains and decided on an easier day at a slower pace which seemed to work ok and we survived 38 miles. Funny how 38 miles is now seen […]

La Rochelle to Salles 396-563 miles