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We’re fortunate that we don’t need a loan, but at the moment we’re trying to find places to invest our hard earned (!) dosh.  ISAs have a low return; Premium Bonds are dire; so what else is there? Well we found ZOPA which is a sort of Internet Loan exchange, […]

Cheap loans and Good Investment Returns

Hi!Below is a link to Amazon. If you fancy it, please use this banner (or any other on this site) and though you will pay the same price, Amazon give us a few pence! If enough people do it then hopefully it’ll pay for the sites hosting, or even better […]

Amazon Links to help us!

We’ve had a few people ask what we’re up to now as we’ve been home for a month and been very quiet. Are the travels over? Hell no! 🙂 We’re working on a couple of projects which mean we’ll have to be in the UK for a few months, and […]

So – what are we doing now?