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(See the rest of our tip index here) * Updated as Zappy went from .com to and the links didn’t work – still one of our top-tips! This has always felt a chore, and in truth, we’ve only done it once in 4.5 years!  And as we happily drink […]

Cleaning motorhome fresh water tank

For our other tips, see our tip index here I have been asked directly and answered a couple of times on forums, as to what we recommend to be the best laptop charger.  Some chargers on eBay seem to only work when the engine is running, and some the quality […]

Which 12v charger for laptop in the motorhome?

As of April 2012, the Caravan Club have released their 2012 version of their data for Caravan Club Sites, CLs and now their Caravan Club Abroad sites.  These are available direct from the caravan club site. However, these as normal, are not available in the formats I and others want, […]

Caravan Club 2012 GPS POI download

Wow!  After waiting over 3 years for MS to update 2007 to 2010 version, they have released the 2011 version already.  OK we know the maps aren’t as up to date as your satnav, but for laptop based planning purposes the laptop software is great.  Judging by how many download […]

Microsoft Autoroute 2011 Available

(For our other tips, see our tip index HERE) Here is my guide on how to remove a Malaga 3 water heater, and remove and replace the burner and/or ignitor/flame sensor. There are some dangerous bits, as you will need to work with gas, water, 12v and 240v wires.  Nothing […]

Fixing Malaga 3 hot water heater ignitor/burner

(See our other tips here) This is another topic seen frequently on the forums where people are concerned about the security of borrowing open WiFi connections or indeed public hotspots.  Are they safe to use?  What about banking?  Surely an Internet Cafe is safer??  Especially now since so many of […]

Is Open Unsecured WiFi safe to use?

(Click HERE for other tips, and HERE for other GPS POIs) On the forums I see lot of questions regarding BT FON, and I’ve not seen a simple FAQ suitable for motorhomers, so I thought I’d write one to save me typing the same answers all the time!  Any questions […]


(See HERE for our other GPS download index page) Thanks to Zebedee on Motorhome Facts Forum who gave me this data (and said it was okay to use!) These databases contact the GPS POIs for the French Municipal campsites.  These can be bargains as they are run locally, and these […]

Municipal Campsites France & Beyond GPS

Well we survived both Morocco and a “guided” tour with Desert Detours!  As we know this is a popular trip and people have asked us already, here is some links to the blogs and summary.  Hope it gets you interested in such a trip – it really was superb! The […]

Morocco with Desert Detours blog/review

(See the rest of our tip index here) Learning languages isn’t natural or easy for us, neither of us came from school with a language or really got taught a language well.  Before our travels we asked for tips and we were recommended Rosetta Stone; Michel Thomas; and I also […]

Learning to speak a language – French with Michel Thomas

As you may know, certain services like BBC iPlayer actually work out where in the world you are and sometimes stop you from accessing certain content. This is a right pain if, for instance, you want to watch the Christmas Day Special of Dr Who when sitting in France… Well, […]

Tip: Get UK Web content (eg iPlayer) abroad

(See the rest of our tip index here) Our panel van conversion is professionally made and pretty much to a high standard and well insulated, though it was never sold nor suggested it was winterised.  I’d guess most campervans aren’t designed with heavy winter use in mind, so I thought […]

Tip: Winterising a Panel Van Campervan

At last – Bordatlas is now available, and the cheapest place is Amazon.  At the time of writing, its £17.35 delivered – so very cheap – as even if you wait till Germany its €19.95 or more!  Bargain!  [adrotate  banner=”45″]  This is a great resource for campervans in Europe – […]

Bordatlas 2011 now available cheaply!

(For our other tips, see our tip index HERE) My Symptoms For years, when starting from stone cold, the engine wanted to stall at the first junction or two.  No idea why, dealer had no idea either, and in fairness it wasn’t ever an issue and it never did stall. […]

Engine problem: Lack of power, stalling etc