Pre 2010 Posts

Hi all Just a quick note to say as of 18 July (ish) I’m massively overhauling the website to make it work on mobiles and tablets.  I’m migrating content to a clean database too, which means all the ancient **** slowing it down will be removed, and it should be […]

!! NEW WEBSITE !! (errors expected)

At last! After waiting 3 years from Autoroute 2007, the 2010 verison is now available. This includes massively updated maps and POIs and a load of new usability features. As usual you can link in with a GPS receiver, and now the display is more TomTom like as it shows […]

Autoroute 2010 now available!

OK – people say we were inspirational to them – but here are a couple of items that inspired us to do what we do! Really quite good reading and recommended to read. Some good and some silly ideas, but inspirational nevertheless! (Clicking links will take you to the item […]

Inspirational Books

Hi!Below is a link to Amazon. If you fancy it, please use this banner (or any other on this site) and though you will pay the same price, Amazon give us a few pence! If enough people do it then hopefully it’ll pay for the sites hosting, or even better […]

Amazon Links to help us!

Merry Christmas to all, and hope that you get as nice a present as Santa just delivered me. For those in the know, The 12 year project – Plan A has taken one of the biggest steps forward – only the final few steps to go! (PS Thanks to all […]

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU SANTA!!!!

Well Trip 6 to Budapest and back via South Germany and Austria is over.  We’re back in one piece and had quite an experience!  Lovely trip but probably best enjoyed before most things close!  Probably have to chase the sun again next winter! Looking at our map of Europe we […]

Home now for a bit

We’re in Budapest and today has been a bit of a mare! Await the diary for details. Suffice to say, we’re fine but its freezing, wet, and we got drenched. And we’re staying in a naff place too! So hopefully that will cheer some of you up who think its […]

Brr and Wet in Budapest

Currently along Lake Balaton which sadly is pretty much closed up 🙁 Will be arriving at Budapest tomorrow which will be cool! Snow free at moment!  Phew!

Almost at Budapest

hello all we are alive and well just on the austrian/german border at salzburg. heading deeper into austria over the next few days then if snow holds off head into hungary. pretty cold here but we are keeping warm r+m — Sent from my mobile device

alive and well

About to head off again – we were going tomorrow but we’re not ready and the sea is rough!  We’ll be gone by the end of the weekend though on our next adventure….

Next trip about to start….

We’re currently in Herefordshire in our van exploring the small towns and countryside.  Managed to free/wild camp for the last 4 days but have to stay in a campsite tonight as we’re out of water and need to empty our waste.  Found a really nice place just outside Ledbury with […]

Hi in Herefordshire

Oops.  Wrong place, wrong time, and we end up with a half page picture of us in MMM.  Wouldn’t be so bad if it was Young Adventurers Monthly or something – but MMM!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!

Fame! (Embarrassed to admit!)

Blimey – that was a tough 6 days for us both to help out with Roy Wood Transits on their stands with the Cavarno (which we have) and their Westfaila range.  We met someone virtually every day who we met on our travels around Europe, so hello again to you […]

Motorhome show @ NEC

Pah. We come back from typical France, and our friends Adam & Sophie published some of their stunning pictures on their blog .  Now it always seems to be that we end up with the same photos as them but with different people in!  Lol!  We’re quite impressed by […]

Next trip ideas

As in both the laptop is working (Dell replaced CPU, Motherboard, heat sink, and fans – e.g. most of it!); and we’re back from France in one piece. Diary and pictures now uploaded.

We’re back!