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List of Downloads

Below are the list of downloads.  To download the file you want, simply click the appropriate DOWNLOAD link.  Some files are ZIP and need to be expanded.  I recommned 7-zip – see here to read about compressed files

Caravan Club GPS POI 2012

The latest (April 2012) edition now available, see here for details

Camping and Caravanning Club GPS POI 2012

At last!  Full details here

Aires, Bordatlas, ACSI & Camping Cheques Camping data 2012

For details of this download click HERE.  This is our most popular download

  • TomTom format:  DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2010 format:  DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 format:  DOWNLOAD
  • CSV raw fomat (suitable for Garmins and others): DOWNLOAD
  • Google Earth single file database:  DOWNLOAD
  • Google Earth individual KML files:  DOWNLOAD

My Wild Camping spots

For details on this download, click here

Municipal campsites

For details on Municiple sites see HERE

LPG / Autogas station GPS POI

For details of this download click HERE

McDonalds Locations (free wifi)

For details on this downlaod click HERE

BT Fon Hotspot GPS POI

For details on this download click HERE

  • Autoroute 2010 Format POI for France – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 Format POI for France – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2010 Format POI for Spain – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 Format POI for Spain – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2010 Format POI for Italy – DOWNLOAD
  • Autoroute 2011 Format POI for Italy – DOWNLOAD

POI conversion tools by GPS Data Team

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