Our Trips in Pictures

Here are the photo albums for you to peruse. They are hosted by Google Picassa and as such should have some neat slide-show functionality as well as geo-tagged mapping. If there are any issues let me know

Trip 1 – Holland and North Germany

Trip 2 – Spain and Portugal ( Sun & Snow! )

Trip 3 – Switzerland and Italy

Trip 4 – Scotland (ish!)

Trip 5 – France

Trip 6 – Germany, Austria and Hungary to Budapest

Trip 7 – Holland, Germany and Denmark

Trip 8 – Snowboarding and Sahara

Trip 9 – France Mountain Biking

Trip 10 – Backpacking in South East Asia


Notes on Pictures

All pictures should have descriptions on as well as GeoTag information. The links to the left should contain a link to a simple album, and also to a “map” of where the photos were taken. Please note that the geo-tagging is rough for guidance only and is not deadly GPS accurate!

All pictures have been reduced in quality for speed of use here – if for some unlikely reason you want one of them in its full native resolution (3 or 7 mp depending on the camera used) then let us know.

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