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Tools needed

There are many ways to DIY.  Some require skills.  Some require tools. My aim is to get the tools and hope the skills evolve!  List of all tools below.

Tools needed:-

  • Halfords Professional toolkit
  • Multitool & Attachments
  • Rail guided Plunge saw and rails
  • Cordless Hot glue gun
  • Router & bits
    • 2mm slot cutter, 6mm upcut bits, 6mm straight cut
  • Pocket hole jig kit & 90′ clamp and perfect SML-C1 screws for 15mm furniture board
  • 2 18v cordless drills
  • electric screwdriver
  • hole cutter
  • Crimp tool & wire strippers
  • Clamps
  • Belt sander
  • Support proPs