General Travellers Tips

Please note that we do not profess to be expert travellers or backpackers, you will meet those that are (or profess to be!) when you are away.  All we can give you is some tips we think are useful

  • Never ever ever believe anyone who tells you that something is closed for renovation/religious holidays/Wednesdays etc.  They are just trying to redirect you elsewhere where they get commission.  Usually, it starts with “hello…where are you from…” etc.  Just give closed answers (if any) – say thanks and do what you were going to do anyway.
  • Carry a few loose notes/coins outside of your main wallet (£5 or so).  Then if you see something a street vendor is selling you can pull out a small amount of money rather than your entire wallet.  A security wallet (with chain to clip to belt loop) is comforting as at least you’ll know if someone nicks it!
  • Same as London, New York and everywhere, there are scum people who will try and steal stuff and rip you off.  Sounds obvious, but…   Always keep belongings with you, and valuables close.  Never accept anything for free.  If you are buying something, especially a tuk-tuk or taxi, ensure you agree a price in advance (or meter is going to be put on in metered taxis).  Know what the local taxis and rules are.  (See wiki travel)
  • Know where you are and where you are going.  Our phone maps/GPS saved us loads of hassle knowing taxis/tuktuks were going the right way; where things were etc.  Best gadget ever!
  • Keep valuables (laptop, passport, money, cards etc) on you or in a smaller “day sack”.  There will be times, such as on busses, planes or ferries, when you have to give up your main rucksack for it to be stored.  Sometimes you have no choice.  So only keep stuff in the main rucksack that isn’t valuable.
  • Take a photo of your rucksack before every flight!  Easier to show a picture of it than try and describe it when they lose it….
  • If you need specific female hygiene products, bring them with you as not all items are available – and those that are are *very* expensive
  • Bring light clothes – not jeans.  Laundry is always done per kg – so jeans would cost a fortune each time

See our reviews of specific countries for more specific tips.

Top websites to use:-

  • Trip Advisor – for info and reviews on places, places to stay etc.  They have a cool free Android app that highlights things “near you”.
  • Travel Fish – tips on pretty much everything
  • Seat61 – The bible (and then some) on Asia train travel.  Not just timetables, but personal experiences, info on most main train related sites (e.g. Kwai) etc.
  • WikiTravel – info on everything travel related, and specific on most destinations
  • Wikipedia  – Factual background on places



9 thoughts on “Backpacking Hints & Tips”

  1. You’ll never guess what Ryan, I’ve only been and gone and bought another Innovation! An ’08 Innovation 3, 110PS with 45k miles. I hope I’m going to enjoy sorting it out.

    It’s going back to the dealer on Monday as they sold it with 105 year old original tyres on the back, the chair blows baking hot, not chilled and the n/s audio speaker is silent.

    It had to have a new exhaust last week because it fell apart near home at the end of our first proving trip. Dealer paying.

    Good few other bits need rattling but for a 10 year old, it’s in fair nick.

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