Hi all Our diary blog of week 6 has just been uploaded.  As usual on rereading the week we can’t believe how much we squeezed in!  Currently just entering the island of Mon and found some WiFi in Stege in the high street, so we’re parked in the middle of […]

Week 6 of Denmark trip diary added (Copenhagen)

Well our 5th week away is over, our second full week in Denmark. Had a very busy week this week, seen and done far too much as usual.  Though now, sadly, hometime is on the horizon so maybe only 10 more days in Denmark,  a week in Germany then home.  […]

Week 5 over – diary added

We’ve survived our first week in Denmark, though a mix of lovely sunny days and windy & wet gales.  Its a shame a much of the enjoyment in Denmark is outdoor activities such as cycling.  In the wind everyone we’ve seen cycling looks to be hating in and in agony!  […]

Week 4 diary added (full week in Denmark)

Well what a change!  Had two lovely sunny days in Denmark and found two great wild camping spots.  Yesterday we were in Viborg which was a lovely place and we stayed by the lake and decided to run around it (6.5m) in the morning in order to burn off the […]

Hot and sunny in Denmark

Hi from Denmark.  Weather much better today – phew.  Just in Skive and unlike its namesake we’re not skiving, we found a laundrette so sadly doing a huge batch of washing.  The good news is we moved the van to a convenient parking space where there is unsecured wifi in […]

Skive (ing) in Denmark

Week 3 diary has been updated – see here for details Rather annoying how windy and wet it is – if varies from very hot and sunny to absolute down pour.  Wouldn’t be so bad if it was predictable but it changes every 15 minutes.  Oh well – at least […]

Week 3 diary updated. In very very windy/wet Denmark

Our Trip 7 diary has been added here CLICK HERE or also available off menus above So far only in Holland but will be heading into Germany and then up to Denmark over the next few weeks…

Trip 7 week 1 diary added (Holland)