Can you believe it? This year, we’ve had 2 months snowboarding; a month mountain biking; and a fair amount of time wakeboarding, and pretty much we came away unscathed. But the seemingly harmless pursuit of swimming in the sea (ok – the waves were probably 2m tall, forceful, but fun), […]

First visit to Casualty :(

Lovely sunny day here today, so we went out early to get to the lift (2 min cycle ride). I was “giving way” as you should at a roundabout (with a van diddling), and some stupid French woman reversed out of a space into and onto me and the bike. […]

Run over by car :( All okay though

We are now in Valloire, and yesterday had a lovely hot day. The photo is from our wild camping position – beautiful and placed perfectly to watch the Tour de France come past on Friday. We went out on the bikes yesterday and had a good ride on a green […]

Valloire – sun and rain

Merry Christmas everyone! We’re still out having fun in the snow, though today it was hell! We had to buy some goggles but then wondered why the slopes were literally empty. Well – we found out snowboarding in maybe 5-6″ of fresh virgin power, in a blizzard, unable to see […]

Merry Christmas!

Oh dear. -18’C last night. Pipe from fresh tank to pump is frozen. Pipes behind cooker are frozen (which I can’t get to in order to insulate). Waste is frozen. Giving up with onboard water so drained everything I could down and we’ll just use fresh container and waste bucket. […]

Oops. -18’C. Pushing our luck I think….

Eek. Have we bitten off more than we and the van can take?! Last night was very cold outside, though inside we were snug as a bug! However, one of the cold water pipes to the kitchen tap froze overnight – and it froze “behind” the cooker. So I can’t […]

Cold and Freezing Water…

After 7 and a bit weeks we are heading for home, and the total trip will be a record 8 weeks. Seems to be an age and also too short at the same time. Got a fun route planned back so won’t be rushing. Dairy update for w7 and w8 […]

On way home

Just down the road is badfart. No bottomfart or fanifart yet. In bar drinking beer at £7 each though they are 750 ml 🙂 been to legoland today. For free. Knackered and will sleep well. Awainting nice waitress to bring us food and maybe more beer. Nice view over fjord […]

In middelfart denmark

Well trying out blogging from my iPod which if it works is really cool and will make my life a little easier. Just arrived in Albasserdam to a new aire which is very rare in holland. So far so good with lovely views over the Marina and we will venture […]

Hi from holland

Hi Just to let everyone know we’re away on our next trip – currently in Lier in Belgium looking for a good beer, but soon escaping to Holland. Blog and details will be forthcoming as we continue the trip – watch this space! (Also this is a test message to […]

Bonjour from Belgium, soon to be Hello from Holland