Our Trip 7 diary has been added here CLICK HEREย or also available off menus above So far only in Holland but will be heading into Germany and then up to Denmark over the next few weeks…

Trip 7 week 1 diary added (Holland)

hello all we are alive and well just on the austrian/german border at salzburg. heading deeper into austria over the next few days then if snow holds off head into hungary. pretty cold here but we are keeping warm r+m — Sent from my mobile device

alive and well

Blimey Getting free wifi in Germany has been a challenge.  Always doable – but not where we can whack out the laptop.  So sorry for delays to emails ๐Ÿ™ Week 5 update is Enjoy!

Week 5 over, and almost home!!

Slowly….  Just over 600 miles to go from where we are, and we'll be taking it slow.  Back at the weekend.  5 weeks down – just the one to go ๐Ÿ™  Sad really.  But not for long – Spain and Portugal await!!   We have free (if iffy) wifi where […]

We’re on our way home

We’re in sunny Dresden – well overcast actually – and as far away from home as we’re going to be on this trip.  This sadly means from hereon we’ll be heading home through central (northern) Germany then back in around 10 days or so.  We have a few exciting things […]

We’re as far away as we’re going to be…

A sunny few days in Berlin camping 10m walk from Checkpoint Charlie. Loads to see here so quite tiring. Having rest with large hot chocolate and bagel!4 weeks gone now and next week looks to be fun, then heading home ๐Ÿ™Hi to everyone!

Hi from Berlin

We’ve made it to Hamburg – and just had a great day in the city.  Totally amazing place – loads of “wow” sites everywhere – very impressive – far too much to see in a day.  Weather was superb too!  Only down side was lack of WiFi in appropriate places […]

Hello from Hamburg