Hi from Como May be our last night in Italy before we go North to Switzerland. We found a really superb place to wild camp – really very naughty – but we’ve been here all day just sitting on the lake with our picnic blanket and appear to have gotten […]

Naughty wild camping in Como

Hi all! Thanks for the emails from people – but as you can see we’re fine and not in L’Aquila at the moment.  We were there 10 days ago and stayed there for 3 days right in the centre, in a town we liked, had fun in, and found really […]

Earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy

Week 5 was absolutely superb. Loads of excellent sites seen, loads of lovely views, villages, towns, roads, people, food, drink – and just exactly what Italy should be about. Diary uploaded to Having fun – but you’ll be pleased to hear its raining in Florence!

What a week!

Back in November 2008 we met a couple – Barry & Hazel – in a campsite in Holland where they had a little Mazda Bongo camper. We showed our van off and showed how much you can cram into a small space. Then another “internet contact” was selling his sister […]

Its a Flippin’ small world!

We’re in L’Aquilia and having our 3rd night here. Nice town, and loads for us to do. Had a long 17m run today so ache like mad, and assuming we can walk we’re planning to go biking in the mountains tomorrow…. Some plans for the rest of the week, up […]

Week 5 going well – L’Aquila

Week 4 has been interesting! Full diary listed here: One heck of a lot of driving (800 miles?) and not a lot of nice random finds! However, some truely amazing places visited – Pompeii, Paestrum, Matera, Alberobello to name a few. All worth visiting – just a shame its […]

Week 4 over (phew!)

We’ve left the quiet, relaxing, and hot coast and are now in busy, chaotic and **** freezing Pompei. Some interesting “roads” between Naples & Pompei that look and feel like they were pre-eruption. The shorts & t-shirts have been replaced by fleece and winter coats. We definately prefer the quieter […]

Pompei and cold!

Really knackered after a busy few days in Rome – tomorrow we rest! Its been a really social time for us – a couple of days ago we met a young Canadian couple (Ryan & Dawn) who have been touring Europe in an old VW van for well over a […]

Friends in Rome

We’re just in Pisa enjoying the Tuscany area of Italy.  The leaning tower is mightily impressive as is the surrounding old town. Off into the Tuscan hills tomorrow, then down to some lakes, then heading to Rome for a few days to chill, do the ever mounting stack of washing, […]

The tower in Pisa is a bit wonkey….

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster. We planned a morning run but it was raining, so cancelled and went to see Lake Geneva.  Geneva was covered in fog and drizzle so nothing could be seen, so we thought we’d stay the night and check it the next day.  Signs […]

Its not ALL plain sailing and fun